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Reasons to Read Comic Books

Parker’s Records and Comics is here to provide you with the absolute best in new and collectible comic books through our online comic book store, and we want to do the same for your friends. If your friends don’t understand why you’re so proud to be a self-proclaimed comic book geek, we’ve got a few good reasons for you to give them the next time they ask.  

A Joy to Read

You know all too well how enjoyable it is to sit down and read your favorite comic book series. We live in an age of multiple distractions, and it can be difficult to focus on a single task. It’s quite a feat when something as simple and low tech as a comic book can hold your attention and keep you enthralled for hours at a time.

Imagination Stimulation

Comic books can spark your creativity and give you a different way of looking at the world and everything in it. Actors, writers and even web designers have all remarked on how big of an impact comic books have had on their careers. It’s entirely possible that mankind’s next greatest achievement might be inspired by a simple comic book bought from an online comic book store. The possibilities are endless.


The superheroes we read about in comic books save lives both on and off of the page. Back in the days of WWII, comic books were used to inspire patriotism and support for the war effort, and in the 60s and 70s they were used to subtly address social issues such as race and bigotry. Today, comic books are still used as a way to teach readers how to live better lives and be all that they can be no matter what may come their way.


One of the absolute best things about comic books is that they get people both young and old reading. Kids learn new words by reading comic books, and older readers get the mental stimulation that comes with reading. If you know of anyone who finds reading to be a chore, introduce them to the world of comic books.


If you’d like to check out our online comic book store for yourself or for your friends, visit Parker’s Records and Comics website.   


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