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Welcome to Parkers Records and Comics in Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve been serving Greater Cincinnati locally, but also shipping globally for over 20 years! Our online comic book and record store provides users all around the world with access to exclusive 45’s and comics. Parker's Records and Comics has surpassed more than 100,000 vintage record titles in 45's and LP format.

We have specialized in bringing you vintage 45's and vinyl albums that people desire from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s to our Cincinnati store and our online record store. You can use our convenient search feature to shop 45’s and comics and find your personal favorites. Our 45rpm record categories include: Soul, Funk, Instrumental, Reissues, Reggae, Jazz, Pop, Rock, doo-wop and more. We even carry picture sleeves. For your convenience we have also presorted some themed vintage 45 and LP record searches for you as well, featuring old record categories such as Island, Gospel, and surf just to name a few. Most importantly, buy with confidence as Parker's Records and Comics grades all of old records and vinyl albums using the vintage and old 45 records grading standards as listed in Goldmine magazine. U.S. customers have 14 days to return old records found unsatisfactory.

If you can’t find the records or 45's or vinyl albums you are looking for, please don't leave without letting us know what records you were searching for today but couldn't find. Though you may not see it online, it is possible that we  have the records in stock.

DEALERS: Ask about our wholesale list on 45's. We have over 39,000+ sound clips on the website & 5100+ comic images. On my comics, I don't use the grade "Mint", I use "Near Mint" as my highest grade. I use for my variant covers lettering. OVERSEAS P&H: 1 to 2 45's is $15.00. 3 to 14 45's is $24.50. U.S P&H: 1 45 record is $4.50. P&H DISCLAIMER: I encourage you to insure your package, in the case the post office mishandles your package. PAYMENT: We accept major credit cards online, payments via mail, and we do not accept paypal. MAILING LIST. If you want to be on my web site update mailing list, please send me your name & e-mail address.

Recently Added

Soul and Funk
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Fabulous Clovers feat. John "Buddy" Bailey They`re Rockin` Down The Street Be My Baby Winley265Mint $100.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Adams, Faye I`ve Gotta Leave You Shake A Hand Herald (Clear Red Vinyl)416VG++/Mint $75.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Serenaders Two Lovers Make One Fool (Belgium Pop) Adios, My Love (Promo) RRiverside4549Mint (Label Ring Wear "B" Side) $60.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Royal Spades I`m Gonna Voodoo You Come On And Love Me Marquee702Mint- $100.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Rivingtons Don`t Hate Your Father Pt. 1 Pt 2 JD122Mint- $120.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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Garage and Rock
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Bubble Puppy (1969) Days Of Our Time Thinkin` About Thinkin` International Artists136Mint (Sticker Stain O/L.) $25.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Beatles with Tony Sheridan (1964) Why Cry For A Shadow MGM13227VG++ $75.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Brainbox (1969) Down Man Woman`s Gone (Promo) Elektra45673Mint- $10.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Best Of Friends (1968) All The World Is Mine Melodies (Promo) Laurie3450VG++ (Hairline Crack In Center Of Vinyl) $6.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Do`s And The Don`ts (1966) I Wonder If She Loves Me Our Love May Not Live Again (Promo) Red Bird10072VG+ $8.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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Male Vocal
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGradePriceQty
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) I`m Gonna Find You A Little Guy Called Joe (Promo) Columbia41785Mint- $15.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Greener Pastures Wedding Bells For You Columbia41932Mint- $10.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Gettin` Older Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet Columbia41114Mint- $10.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Igmoo Uncle Sam And Big John Bull (Promo) Columbia41488Mint- $15.00 1
Added 8 days ago on 4/16/2018Jackson, Stonewall (C&W) Life Of A Poor Boy Why I`m Walkin` (Promo) Columbia41591Mint- $15.00 1
Artist Side A Side B LabelNumberGrade Qty
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Buy Comics Online

Along with old records and vintage 45's, Parker's Records and Comics carries a large inventory of new and collectible comic books in our online comic book store and our Cincinnati location from publishers Marvel Comics, DC Comics and many others. See our "Shop For Comics" link above to buy comics online and for more details and backissue comics inventory.

Thank you for stopping by Parker's Records and Comics. We hope you find our online record store and online comic book store searches easy to use and that you enjoy some of our thousands of sound clips while you are shopping. Remember, you are only a phone call or an email away from great customer service and the most current old and vintage record and comics inventory.

Recently Added

Added 6 days ago on 4/18/2018Brave & Bold (1st Series)

Click image to enlarge
102 D.C.ComicVF $30.00 1
Added 6 days ago on 4/18/2018Detective Comics (1st Series)

Click image to enlarge
411 (Intro: Talia-Daughter Of Ra's Al Ghul-5/71)D.C.ComicFine $96.00 1
Added 6 days ago on 4/18/2018Spawn

Click image to enlarge
1 ImageComicNM $25.00 1
Added 6 days ago on 4/18/2018Amazing Spiderman (1st Series)

Click image to enlarge
431 (Cosmic Carnage vs. Silver Surfer)MarvelComicNM $45.00 1
Added 6 days ago on 4/18/2018Batman

Click image to enlarge
237 (1st App. Reaper) (Neal Adams art)D.C.ComicFine $45.00 1
TitleIssuePublisherFormatGrade Qty
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