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punk records rock records punk records

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Punk-Rock-Alternative Rock | 45 rpm Records

Rock Records

punk records

At the end of the garage rock era, punk records rock began to hit the scenes as a natural by-product of the movement. This punk records movement in itself led to a new movement known as alternative rock. This genre has had varied definitions from its onset in the 1980’s up until its more commercially successful brands today, but has generally been a catch all category for music from so-called “underground” rockers that end up achieving some form of mainstream success, regardless if its roots was in punk rock records.

Punk Records

Many categories have ended up falling into the alternative rock records label. The category includes the traditional punk records influenced rockers, New Wave, post-punk records, gothic rock records, jangle pop, industrial music, emo music, and one could argue- literally hundreds more.

The Cure saw some commercial success in the 1980’s and the 1990’s, with their music classification changing every time they toured America until they were finally put into the large umbrella category of alternative rock records. The 1990’s saw the rise of Nirvana, ushering in the success of bands that had similar sounds. Grunge was now introduced to the public and shown to be a financial success. Pearl Jam and others like them began reaching new levels of popularity with rock records.

Rock Records

On the other side of the ocean, a war was waging against Grunge though. BritPop, a british variation of rock and rock records which features successful bands like Oasis and Pulp, were competing for the market. Oasis’s second rock records holds the honor of being Britain’s third highest selling album of all time.

The category is still prominent today with blends of Indie Rock, coined for being “independent.” Bands such as Modest Mouse and The Killers have kept the rock records genre popular.

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