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Parker's Old Records and Comics has a large collection of old records, vintage records. Ranging from Soul and Funk, to Doo-Wop and Jazz, we have a large inventory to fullfill your vintage records needs.

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With technology having advanced past the point of traditional old records and record players, why would there still be a market for vintage records? The fact is that records offered a clear sound and music experience that nothing has been able to replicate ever since. Cassette tapes may have been portable, cd's may have offered easier interfaces and digital content, and MP3 players may allow songs to be transferred as simply its file, but old records offer the best their is in sound quality. There is a reason that music buffs and fanatics still prefer the traditional media format; it is simply better.

Parker's understands that quality music is important. Music at its very root is meant to be enjoyed, not stored on devices. As a result, we are committed to offering one of the largest old records, vintage records store on the internet. In addition to our convenient and easy to use online store, we also offer a large collection of old records in our store in Milford.

Vintage Records

Whether you remember growing up and listening to The Beatles, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles or any other talented musician on vintage records format, or if you are a new customer who is just beginning to form your collection of old records, we are committed to offering you the quality music you desire and the customer service that you deserve.

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