Audrey (1956)
Side A: Dear Elvis (Elvis Related)
Side B: Page 2
Label: Plus
Number: 104
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint- (Label Ring Wear "B" Side)
Branch, Tom (1977)
Side A: A Tribute To A King (Elvis Related)
Side B: Flip A Coin
Label: Rocky Bluff
Number: 705
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Buffalo Bill (1970`s)
Side A: Tribute To The King (Elvis Related )
Side B: From Dusk `Till Dawn
Label: Commonwealth
Number: 50161
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Fillingane, H. (1977)
Side A: A Tribute To The King (Elvis Related )
Side B: "same"
Label: Tribute
Number: 001
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Harris, Gene
Side A: Bye Bye Elvis (Elvis Related)
Side B: You`re Like A Jumpin` Jack
Label: ABC Paramount
Number: 9900
Qty: 1
Grade: VG++/VG+
King Penguin w/ Gary Burbank (1981) (w/Insert)
Side A: The National Enquirer (Elvis Related) (Elvis Mentioned)
Side B: Three Piece Suit
Label: Fraternity
Number: 3465
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Little Bones
Side A: What I Say (Elvis Related) (Elvis Cv.)
Side B: Ya Ya
Label: Prann
Number: 5001
Qty: 1
Grade: VG++ (W.O.L)
Lowe, Virginia
Side A: I`m In Love With Elvis Presley (Elvis Related)
Side B: Empty Feeling
Label: Melba
Number: 107
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint-
Monte, Lou (E.P.)
Side A: 1) If I Was A Millionare 2) Elvis Presley For President (Elvis Related)(This Cut For Sound Clip)
Side B: 1) In Him 2) Ev`ry Time I Feel The Spirit-Paul Mickelson (Promo)
Label: RCA
Number: 18
Qty: 1
Grade: VG+ (Sticker O/L)
Morgan, Jaye P. (1959)
Side A: Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis Related) (Elvis Cv.)
Side B: Miss You
Label: MGM
Number: 12752
Qty: 1
Grade: VG++ (Sticker O/L & W.O.L.)
Paula, Marlene
Side A: I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis (Elvis Related)
Side B: Once More It`s Xmas
Label: Regent
Number: 7506
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Side A: When Elvis Marches Home Again (Elvis Related)
Side B: Woody`s Place (Promo)
Label: Viva
Number: 61
Qty: 1
Grade: VG++
Stevens, Ray (1989)
Side A: I Saw Elvis In A U.F.O. (Elvis Related)
Side B: `same` (Promo)
Label: MCA
Number: 53661
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Threeteens (1958)
Side A: Dear 53310761 (Elvis Related)
Side B: Doowaddie (Promo)
Label: Rev
Number: 3516
Qty: 1
Grade: VG+
Label: Flair-X
Number: 3007
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Tune Timers (Song Poem)
Side A: Dear Elvis Said Goodbye (Elvis Related)
Side B: A Mother
Label: Command Performance
Number: 390
Qty: 1
Grade: VG++/Mint
Tune-Timers (1978) (Song Poem)
Side A: Elvis Our King (Elvis Related)
Side B: Fantastic Voyage
Label: Command
Number: 404
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint
Wilson, Don Lee
Side A: (Gul Durn It) What`d I Say Pt 1 (Elvis Related) (Cv.)
Side B: T`ain`t Funny
Label: Imperial
Number: 66038
Qty: 1
Grade: Mint