No Tricks, Just Three 45 Treats

by Administrator 28. October 2022 12:41

No tricks here, just treats. 3 fantastic 45s recorded in the 60s from the Enchanters, Carl Edwards and Duke Ekud. There’s a good mixture of male/female vocals, horn sections and a variety of drum grooves spread throughout these 45s. Plus, some history from our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Enchanters: You Were Meant to Be My Baby / God Bless the Girl and Me

Label: Loma 2035. Released in 1965.

Label Owner: Mike Maitland, Bob Krasner. 

Label Address: 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA (1964-1968).

A Side: You Were Meant to Be My Baby

B Side: God Bless the Girl and Me


The Enchanters were originally lead by vocalist Garnet Mimms until 1964. This 45 is likely recorded by bandmates after Mimms’ departure including Sam Bell, Zola Pearnell, Charles Boyer and William Gilmore. The group recorded 4 singles on the Loma label as well as tracks for Warner Bros. and Turfside Records. If you like feel good soul, you’ll surely like this 45.


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Carl Edwards: Come On Into My Dreams (And Let Me Love You) / Gettin’ A Groove

Label: Diamond 234 (Promo Copy). Released 1967.

Label Owner: Phil Kahl

Label Address: 1650 Broadway, New York, NY (1961-1970)

A Side: Come On Into My Dreams (And Let Me Love You)

B Side: Gettin’ A Groove


Carl Edwards may not be known by many, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth checking out. If there was one word to describe this 45 it would be FUN. Big horns, call and response vocals, dancing drum grooves and more. It almost sounds like the 45 was recorded at a big party, especially the B side.


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Duke Ekud: Please Believe Me / You know I Love You

Label: Spec 11553. Released in 1964.

Label Owner: Rite Pressing - Cincinnati, Ohio. (1957-1964)

A Side: Please Believe Me

B Side: You Know I Love You


Duke Ekud sounds exactly what I always envisioned the 60s sounding like. Whether you want to take a little step back in time or relive your time in the 60s, check this 45 out. This is a special one to Parker’s Records as the 45 was pressed right here in our hometown of Cincinnati. Not many people know this, but Cincinnati actually has quite an abundance of musical history from Rite Pressing to Kings Records and more.


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