3 Female Vocalist 45s from New York Labels

by Administrator 13. September 2022 15:29

Like most of our monthly 45 picks, we have a theme. This month, we are focused on female vocals produced by labels out of New York, NY. As always, this list won’t disappoint so be sure to listen to the free audio samples of the following 45s. 


Loveables: Just Beyond My Fingertips / Anyman


Label: Toot 604 (Promo). Released 1967.

Label Address: 1760 Broadway, New York, NY (1967-1968)

A Side: Just Beyond My Fingertips

B Side: Anyman


Loveables comprised of 3 talented young ladies previously in the Jive Five including Barbara and Shirley Sullivan and Kim Lewis. Like many artists from their time, they grew up singing in Church prior to giving the big leagues a chance. The group was set out to do big things and had all the potential in the world, but the Loveables only saw moderate success during their career. This 45 showcases one of their more successful hits “Just Beyond My Fingertips”.


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(Miss) Jackie Moore: Loser Again / Who Told You

Label: Wand 11204 (Promo).

Label Owner: Florence Greenberg

Label Address: 1674 Broadway, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. 254 West 54th, New York, NY. (1959-1976)

A Side: Loser Again

B Side: Who Told You


This 45 from Jackie Moore showcases her earlier tracks from the Wand label before she later moved on to Atlantic and Columbia Records. Moore is best known for her Billboard Hot 100 song “Precious, Precious” which reached #30 in 1971. She also had a number of other successful hits on Billboards like the UK Singles Chart and the US Pop Chart throughout her career. Needless to say, Jackie Moore was a talented female vocalist with many achievements during her lifetime.


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Live Experience: Connection / Bed Time Story


Label: E&B 365. Released 1979.

Label Address: 2112 2nd Ave, New York, NY.

A Side: Connection

B Side: Bed Time Story


You won’t find much information about Live Experience when browsing the web, which only makes this 45 all the more special. In fact, there is only one other 45 from the E&B label by Live Experience called Disco Joints Pt 1 & 2. As you’ll hear, “Connection” and “Bed Time Story” are two very different tracks given their tempos and feels, but there’s definitely a psychedelic vibe heard from both. Check it out!


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