Funky Jams in June

by Administrator 21. June 2022 15:32

Nothing says summer like some good funky jams and that’s what we have for you this month. The theme of June 2022 here at Parker’s Records is female vocals and funky intros from the 70s and 80s. Enjoy our list of 45s from Love, Devotion and Happiness, Live Experience and Lady Margaret & The Stovall Sisters.


Love, Devotion and Happiness: Joy Sweet Joy / Yesterday’s Fool


Label: P.E.U. (Released in the 1970’s)

A Side: Joy Sweet Joy

B Side: Yesterday’s Fool


This 45 from Love, Devotion and Happiness captures perhaps one of the best song intros few people know about! “Joy Sweet Joy” begins with a lovely intro composed of a beautiful blend of sounds from an organ, funk guitar, bass line and hi hat and then jumps into an awesome female lead vocal performance. You won’t be disappointed with this one!


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Live Experience: Connection / Bed Time Story


Few things are more soothing than a slow and soulful female vocal performance. The pipes on the vocalist behind Live Experience is one you won’t forget and worth checking out. Side B, “Connection”, picks things up with an impressive instrumental intro before the vocals kick in. This song could’ve just been an instrumental track, but the vocals help take it to the next level. The band behind Live Experience is no joke and shows some true musicianship on this 45.


Label: E&B 365 (Released in the 1970’s)

Label Address: 2112 2nd Ave, New York City, NY

A Side: Connection

B Side: Bed Time Story


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Lady Margaret & The Stovall Sisters: If It Is Let It Be / Running The Wrong Way


Label: Gemini 7583. Released 1982.

Label Address: Oakland, CA 94605.

A Side: If It Is Let It Be

B Side: Running the Wrong Way


If you like funky, this 45 from Lady Margaret & The Stovall Sisters is for you. The intro on the A side of this 45 has the 80s written all over it with its slapping bass, piano and synthesizers to get you moving before the vocals kick in. Be sure to check it out yourself using the link below and order it from Parker’s Records before it’s too late!


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If you are interested in purchasing one of these 45s from Parker’s Records please write down the Artist and Song Title while listening to the sound clips to make for an easy checkout experience. You can make purchases using our secure form.


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