May 2021 45s

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We’ve got a nice selection of 45s for you this month from two of the greatest music cities in the US - Chicago and New York. We recommend nothing short of the best 45s available and this month is no exception! Leading off is the great Linda Carr, followed by Lucky Clark, and ending with the C.O.D. trio. Check ‘em out below!


Linda Carr: Trying to Be Good for You / Everytime


Label: Bell 658. Released 1966.

Label Owner: Arthur Shimkin, Simon & Schuster, Inc. 630 Fifth Ave, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. (1952-1971)

A Side: Trying to be Good for You

B Side: Everytime


Along with her solo career, Linda Carr worked as a backing singer for James Brown and his band. Side A, “Trying to Be Good for You”, is driven by a repetitive guitar rift that plays throughout the majority of this track. On Side B, lives “Everytime”, a truly beautiful song and piece of art that must be added to your 45 collection! “Everytime” really showcases Linda’s amazing vocals and even begins with a nice marimba run to set the mood.


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Lucky Clark: So Sick / Two Kinds of People


Label: Chess 1782. Released in 1961.

Label Owner: Len and Phil Chess. 5249 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL. 750 East 49th St, Chicago, IL. 4750 S. Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL. 2120 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. 320 East Twenty-First St, Chicago, IL. (1950-1976)

A Side: So Sick

B Side: Two Kinds of People


If you like drums, you’ll like Lucky Clark and this 45. “So Sick” begins with a big drum groove with lots of reverb. It makes you wonder what the drum room looked like when this was recorded. To put it simply, this is just a great 45. Fantastic songwriting, Lucky Clark’s soothing vocals, and great drums. This is a must have for any serious 45 collector!


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C.O.D.’s: I’m Looking Out for Me / I’ll Coming Running Back to You


Label: Kellmac 1008. Released 1966.

Label Owners: Ace Leon Singleton, Harry Mitchell, Ethel Mitchell, Bill Cody, Eugene Mason and Nelson Brown. 8337 South Indiana, Chicago, IL. (1965-1967).

A Side: Can You Handle It

B Side: Hear That River


C.O.D.’s was a Chicago based trio comprised of Larry Brownlee, Carl Washington, and Robert Lewis. For some of our younger readers, C.O.D. does not stand for the famous video game Call of Duty. After listening to this 45 using the link below you’ll be wondering why this soulful trio didn’t have more success. Regardless of their fame, or lack there of, this 45 is a hidden gem!


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