Spring Is Here, New 45s for Your Ears

by Administrator 25. March 2021 13:08

Spring is here and the weather is starting to get warmer. What better way to celebrate than listening to a few new 45s available on parkersrc.com? We’ve got a nice range of tunes for every type of listener this week. First up is a slower soul 45 from David Duke, followed by a hip track from Freddy Dame & The Fables, and ending the list with a fun 45 from Duchesses. Be sure to read more below and use the links for your listening enjoyment!


David Duke: Is It Over / Gimme Some Lovin’


Label: Hi 2184 (Promo). Released 1971.

Label Owner: Joe Cuoghi, Nick Pease, Willie Mitchell and Carl McVoy. 425 Commerce Title Building, Memphis, TN. 306 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN. 1956-1976.

A Side: Is It Over

B Side: Gimme Some Lovin’


We are starting you off with a slow soulful 45 from David Duke released in 1971 on the Hi label. Listen to “Is It Over” and enjoy the steady pocket groove, repetitive guitar melody, and the wonderful sound of David Duke’s voice and start your day right. The B side, “Gimme Some Lovin” picks up the tempo a bit, with a staccato bass line and nice pre-chorus builds. Check it out below!


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Freddy Dame & The Fables: (Kissin’ Me, Huggin’ Me) You Knew Just What To Do / “Same”


Label: Heritage 813 (promo). Released 1969

Label Owner: Jery Ross and Murray Wecht. 250 South Broad St, Philadelphia, PA. 1961-1971.

A Side: (Kissin’ Me, Huggin’ Me) You Knew Just What To Do

B Side: Same


1969 was a truly special year, Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, 350,000 people attended Woodstock Music Festival, oh, and Freddy Dame & The Fables released “(Kissin’ Me, Huggin’ Me) You Knew Just What to Do”.  You can flip this 45 over to its B side and listen to the promo version of the track. Give it a listen for yourself below to see if it’s something for you!


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Duchesses: You Told Everyone But Me / Why


Label: Chief 7019. Released 1960.

Label Owner: Mel London. 1510 W. Thirteenth St, Chicago, IL. 1452 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. 1955-1961.

A Side: You Told Everyone But Me

B Side: Why


We are ending this month’s list of 45s with a fun, swinging track by taking you back to Chicago in 1960. Mel London is the man behind the Chief label. Listen at your own risk - you are going to have a hard time sitting still listening to the A side, “You Told Everyone But Me” by Duchesses. Jackie DeShannon is the female voice leading the Duchesses who also occasionally recorded as the Four Duchesses. 


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