45s for a February Date-Night

by Administrator 15. February 2021 13:32

We are getting hot and steamy during this once in a lifetime 2021 month of love with our list of 45s. With restaurants, bars, and other typical places made for a good date night limited or perhaps even closed, this year is perfect for a date-night at home listening to great 45s. I think we say it every month, but this month’s list of 45s might be the best yet.


Guys & Dolls: Ain’t It A Shame / Pretty, Pretty, Baby


Label: Astrophe 37114. Released 1968.

A Side: Ain’t It A Shame

B Side: Pretty, Pretty, Baby


This 45 truly hits the spot. From blues-infused guitar licks, mellow piano chord progressions, powerhouse vocals, and some unique instruments such as the flute - Guys & Dolls covers it all. How this group isn’t more popular we aren’t sure, but you’ve got to check this one out! 


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Julie Gibson & The Anglows: I Got News For You / Same


Label: Herald 575 (Promo Copy). Released 1962.

Label Owner: Jack Angel, Jack Braverman, Fred Mendlesohn, Al Silver. 469 W. Broadway, New York, NY. 236 West 55th St., New York, NY. 1697 Broadway, New York, NY. (1953-1964)

A Side: I Got News For You

B Side: Same


The A side of Julie Gibson & The Anglows’ “I Got News For You” is one of those tracks that’ll be stuck in your head playing over and over again and for good reason. There is some great call and response going on during this track between Julie and the rest of the band. Written by J. McCullough, check it out using the link below!


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Gigi & The Charmaines: Poor Unfortunate Me / Brazil


Label: Columbia 44246 (Promo Copy). Released 1967.

A Side: Poor Unfortunate Me

B Side: Brazil


We are a bit biased with this 45 given Gigi & The Charmaines are based out of our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. This all female vocal trio is often labeled “sassy as The Supremes and The Marvelettes”. Listen to the 45 using the link below to find out why. It wouldn’t be a complete Parker’s Records list of 45s without including a good shuffle groove so here it is. 


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