New Year, New Ear

by Administrator 14. January 2021 14:57

What better way to start off the New Year than with some new music? Considering 2020 is finally behind us, I think we all deserve to treat ourselves to a new 45 or two. We are bringing you a nice mix of tempos to begin 2021 as the past year has affected us all a little differently. Without further ado, please welcome Lenny Miles, the Marvels, and Catherine Miller. 


Lenny Miles: Invisible / Don’t Believe Him Donna


Label: Scepter 1212. Released 1960.

Label Owner: Florence Greenberg, 1674 Broadway, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. (1958-1975)

A Side: Invisible

B Side: Don’t Believe Him Donna


Lenny Miles hailed from Fort Worth, Texas and was on track for a successful music career with his minor hit, “Don’t Believe Him Donna” before dying at the young age of 27. Although the age 27 usually refers to the infamous 27 Club, Lenny’s death preceded this by many years. The B side of this 45 is truly a beautiful song and showcases the potential of Lenny Miles at such a young age. Check it out using the link below!


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Marvels: Forget About The Mess Pt. 1 / Pt. 2



Label: Sensation 007. Released 1969.

Label Location: Dearborn, MI (1969-1970)

A Side: Forget About The Mess P. 1

B Side: Pt. 2


We are picking up the pace with this Marvels’ 45 hailing out of Dearborn, Michigan in 1969. Tons of great music was born in Michigan from Motown to Rock and this 45 is no exception. The drums and bass really holds the groove (as it should) on both the A and B side. Side B includes a ripping saxophone solo that you’ll surely be spinning on repeat. 


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Catherine Miller: Don’t Waste Your Time Girl  / Life Is Like A Checkerboard


Label: Tyson 100. Released 1975.

Label Owner: Peter Brown & Patrick Adams. 976 Prospect Ave, Bronx, NY. 2143 Seventh Ave, New York, NY. (1975-1980)

A Side: Don’t Waste Your Time Girl

B Side: Life Is Like A Checkerboard Don’t Waste Your Time Girl


There is one thing I will never get sick of hearing and that’s the tastiest drum beat of all time - the shuffle. If you like head bobbing drum grooves, funky guitar and piano runs, and Catherine Miller’s voice, you can’t go wrong with this 45. Although manufacturers don’t typically install record players in cars, this is a real window-down cruising type of 45 and would be the first thing I played! Listen for yourself down below. 


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