December Cheer for Your Ears

by Administrator 15. December 2020 12:35

For most, this December is a little colder than previous years as we are forced to distance ourselves from one another and do things a little differently. If there’s been one thing in my life I can count on again and again to bring a little cheer into my day, it’s music, and Parkers Records & Comics is here to help. Whether you need a last minute gift or something to keep you company at home this Winter, check out our final list of 45s for this once in a lifetime 2020 year.


Erlene & Her Girlfriends: My Dada Say / A Guy Is A Guy


Label: Old Town 1150. Released 1963.

Label Owner: Hy Weiss & Sam Weiss. 165 East 125th St. New York, NY. 701 Seventh Ave., New York, NY. 1697 Broadway, New York, NY. 767 Tenth Ave., New York, NY. (1953-1978)

A Side: My Dada Say

B Side: A Guy Is A Guy


Erlene & Her Girlfriends brought a unique style to the music scene with the release of this 45. “My Dada Say” begins with a short story before jumping into the track. The vocals are sung in the 3rd person from the perspective of the narrators “Dada”. Erlene & Her Girlfriends isn’t for the faint of heart and the sensitive men in the world. The girls are brutally honest about the men they’ve experienced in this one! 


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Essex: Moonlight, Music And You / The Eagle


Label: Bang 537. Released 1966.

Label Owner: Bert Burns. 1659 Broadway, New York, NY. 51 West 51st St., New York, NY. (1965-1982)

A Side: Moonlight, Music And You

B Side: The Eagle


We have a theme for you this week… Songs that start out with a narration before jumping into the track. This Essex 45 takes a more positive perspective on love compared to the 45 from Erlene & Her Girlfriends. Side B uses the metaphor of America’s emblem, the eagle. And no, it’s not Steve Miller’s “Fly like an Eagle”. Essex plays with great energy on side B, check it out!


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Explosions: Gee Baby / Try Again


Label: Burton 101. Released 1965.

Label Address: 9206 Cordell Mews St., LA. 69. Ca.

A Side: Gee Baby

B Side: Try Again


Explosive! That’s how I would describe the first hit on this 45. Gee Baby is going to reel you in from beat one. Keep listening and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a ripping harp solo. Although the A side of this track uses a standard blues progression, there’s something different about this track worth checking out. Listen using the link below!


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If you are interested in purchasing one of these 45s from Parker’s Records please write down the Artist and Song Title while listening to the sound clips to make for an easy checkout experience. You can make purchases using our secure form.


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