All November Nite Long

by Administrator 12. November 2020 11:41

November 2020 is here already. That means we have one more month before the new year. This time of year always seems to put people in a certain mood. It gets dark much earlier, meaning the days are shorter and the nights are longer, and the weather is getting cooler putting a chill in the air. This often leads to people having more time to themselves, leading to some self-reflection. This will be a common theme throughout this month’s list of 45s.


Jimmy Radcliffe: Moment of Weakness / Through A Long and Sleepless Night


Label: Musicor 1033. Released 1963.

Label Owner: A division of Talmadge Productions. 1960-1978.

A Side: Moment of Weakness

B Side: Through A Long and Sleepless Night


No one is perfect and neither is Jimmy Radcliffe as he sings about a moment of weakness and unfaithfulness. The track almost makes you feel like you are in the room with him listening to his confession. Flip the 45 over, and you’ll forgive Jimmy for his sins and forget about any mistakes he may have made in his previous life as he serenades you with “Through A Long and Sleepless Night”. This might be the bedtime lullaby I needed in my life all this time. 


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Relations: When We Get the Word / All Nite Long


Label: Michele 506.

Label Owner: Carl Edison. 200 East 26th St, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. 1962-1964.

A Side: When We Get the Word

B Side: All Nite Long


We’ve got a nice collection of classic sounds and rhythms for you with this 45. Take a step back in time, open your closet, and dig for your old dancing shoes. Prepare yourself for some powerful vocals and classic drum rhythms you’ve all heard before. You’ll surely be dancing “All Nite Long” to the sounds of this 45.


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Revolons: Dry Your Eyes / She’ll Come to Me


Label: Capitol 4739. Released 1962. Label created in 1949.

A Side: Dry Your Eyes

B Side: She’ll Come to Me


After a long night of reflecting or deep conversation with someone significant, put on this 45 from the Revolons and wipe away those tears. Sometimes we have to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps and this might just be the 45 you need to do it. A little reminder like “Dry Your Eyes” never hurt anyone!


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