Do You Remember, Dancing in September?

by Administrator 14. September 2020 14:10

You are in for a treat this fine September 2020. This year has been filled with plenty of unpredictable ups and downs, but you can count on this selection of 45s from Parker’s Records to be everything you can imagine. There’s a diverse group of tracks included in this month’s compilation, everything from shuffle grooves and funk to national anthems and R&B. Check it out!


Count Rockin Sidney: Bury the Hatchet / Back Door Man


Label: Bold 1006. Released 1972.

Label Owner: Sidney J. Simien. 2112 Elder, Lake Charles, LA (1969-1976)

A Side: Bury the Hatches

B Side: Back Door Man


Given Count Rockin Sidney was an African American R&B singer during the 50s, 60s, and 70s you can bet the Civil Rights Movement influenced his music. It’s likely that “Bury the Hatchet” was in reference to ending the racial turmoil experienced throughout the United States during this time. During the 17th century, Native Americans would bury an actual hatchet as a sign of peace at the end of a fight and this is probably where Sidney got his inspiration for this track. Side A of this 45 starts out with a native anthem you have heard before and jumps into a groove rhythm. It’s really a great piece of work and worth checking out!


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Detroit Jr.: Young Blood / Secret Love


Label: Tip-Top 2015. Released 1967.

Label Owner: Charles Colbert Sr & Charles Colbert Jr. 8956 South Wallace, Chicago, IL (1962-1967)

A Side: Young Blood

B Side: Secret Love


If this ain’t groovy, I don’t know what is. Detroit Junior, otherwise known as Emery Williams Jr. is the heart and soul behind this 45. Everything lines up perfectly in “Young Blood”. Listen closely to the catchy guitar rift played throughout the track and the way the bass and drums move with one another. I can guarantee you won’t be listening to this cut just once!


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Caprells: What You Need Baby / Dotty’s Party


Label: Bano 102. Released 1976.

Label Owner: 1970-1978

A Side: What You Need Baby

B Side: Dotty’s Party


And last but not least, we’ve got a love makin’ shuffle track for you so get your sexy pants out. This group is founded by a family out of Pittsburgh and one you won’t forget! This 45 is a straight up groove-machine. Both the A side and B side will have you in the right mood. Check it out using the link below and let us know what you think!


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