August 2020 45s: Ray, Radiants, and Raymond

by Administrator 20. August 2020 11:05

This year is flying by. Putting on a good record and turning everything else off is one thing that has helped me slow things down over this past year. We have 45s from Chuck Ray, Radiants, and Ray Raymond. There seems to be a theme with the letters “R-A” this week doesn't there? Coincidence or completely random? You’ll have to listen to this week’s tracks to find out!


Chuck Ray: Baby Please Don’t Go / There Ain’t A Thing You Can Do


Label: Buddha 207. Released 1970.

Label Owner: Niel Bogart, Art Kass and Allen Klien. 810 Seventh Ave., New York, N.Y. (1967-1982)

A Side: Please Don’t Go

B Side: There Ain’t A Thing You Can Do


You won’t be disappointed with this 45 from Chuck Ray. Feel good vibes, great grooves, soulful vocals, and some high energy percussion can be heard throughout these two tracks. Whether you are looking for a romantic track to set the mood or just looking for some easy listening, we have you covered.“Baby Please Don’t Go” and “There Ain’t A Thing You Can Do” compliment each other perfectly. Moderate tempos, fantastic verse and chorus changes, and so much more! Check it out using the link below. 


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Radiants: Voice Your Choice / If I Had Only You


Label: Chess 1904. Released 1964.

Label Owner: Len and Phil Chess. 5249 Cottage Grove ave, Chicago, Ill; 750 East 4th St. Chicago, Ill; 4750 S. Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, Ill; 2120 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill; 320 East Twenty First St. Chicago, Ill. (1950-1976.)

A Side: Voice Your Choice

B Side: If I Had Only You


Radiants was a fairly short lived group hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Having earned moderate success throughout the 1960s, Chess records eventually dropped them in the late 60s. However, this particular 45 was Radiant’s biggest hit, and although they weren’t the most popular group, their music is still one of our favorites here at Parkers Records and Comics. Popular and famous isn’t always the perfect formula for a great band, and Radiant is no exception to this premise. 


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Ray Raymond: It Breaks My Heart / She’s Alright


Label: Tuff 409. Released 1966.

Label Owner: Abner Spector, Chuck Fly, and Zelma (Zell) Sanders. 7758 Tremont St. Indianapolis, IN; 1650 Broadway New York, NY. (1959-1967)

A Side: It Breaks My Heart

B Side: She’s Alright


Considering how fast this year is moving by, we thought we’d slow things down to end this month’s list of 45s. If you are a piano enthusiast, this 45 from Ray Raymond will likely be right up your alley. There’s one thing in life I know to always be true - a shuffle groove never disappoints. “She’s Alright” starts with a nice piano and bass melody and then jumps right into a shuffle. Check out the tracks using the link below!


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