3 Hot 45s for July 2020

by Administrator 24. July 2020 11:19

We’ve got some heat for you this month! 45s from the Artistics, Wayne Anthony, and Jerry Ann & the Las Vegas Cats should put you in the summer mood. We are touching all ends of the spectrum this month by sharing with you some awesome soul, swing, shuffle, and surfer rock 45s. Surely you’ll find something you enjoy from this month’s list of 45s available right here at Parkers Records and Comics.

Artistics: In Another Man’s Arms / Patty Cake


Label: Okeh 7217. Promo Copy. Released 1965.

Label Owner: Otto Heinman. 1473 Barnham Ave. Bridgeport, CT. & 799 Seventh Ave., New York, NY (1951-1970)

A Side: In Another Man’s Arms

B Side: Patty Cake


You are likely familiar with one of the producers behind this 45, Curtis Mayfield. I don’t know about you, but anytime I come across a track associated with Curtis Mayfield I always check it out – and this 45 is no exception. The A side, “In Another Man’s Arms”, has a classic straight soul groove that you’ve heard many times before, however, the B side “Patty Cake”, mixes things up with some swing to get you clapping and foot stomping.


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Wayne Anthony: G for Girls / Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Label: Roulette 4694. Promo copy. Released1966.

Label Owner: George Goldner replaced by Luigi Creatore, Morris Gerlach, Joe Kolsky, Morris Levy, Hugo Peretti, Anthony Soprano. 1650 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 220 West 42nd St, New York, NY, 659 Tenth Ave, New York, NY (1957-1981).

A Side: G for Girls

B Side: Out of Sight, Out of Mind


So far in this month’s lineup we’ve given you some straight soul and swing so why not throw a little shuffle in there too! Wayne Anthony’s “G for Girls” will have you groovin’ and singing. The accents between the vocals and instrumentation in this song are so good it hurts. You’ll be putting this 45 on repeat and singing “Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls!” all day along. Check it out using the link below.


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Jerry Ann (Thomas) and Las Vegas Cats: Go Go Girl/ Hello Hello


Label: Red River 1358. Released 1966.

Label Owner: 2831 Abbie St., Shreveport, La. (1960-1965)

A Side: Go Go Girl

B Side: Hello Hello


Jerry Ann and Las Vegas Cats truly had a unique sound. So unique that it’s hard to place your finger on it. Surfer rock, country, blues, and jazz elements are all heard throughout the two tracks on this 45. Although the music itself may not be for everyone, it is worth checking out and you might just find some inspiration. You can tell Jerry Ann and the Las Vegas Cats were all about experimentation and creating no limits to their music. It is pretty great.  


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