Waiting in Kokomo for My Soul Thing

by Administrator 15. June 2020 11:55

“Wait” is the title of the first track for this month’s compilation of tunes – something we are all becoming far too familiar with. How long until we can see our favorite bands live? Fortunately, you can count on Parker’s Records and Comics to supply you with a few 45s each month in the meantime. This month we have Eddie Carlton, Allen Cromer, and Coffee with tunes coming out of the early 60s and late 70s.

Eddie Carlton: Wait / Kokomo


Label: Crackerjack 4018. Released 1962

Label Owner: Henry (Jugg Murray) Jones. 271 West 125th St., New York, N.Y., Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y., and 1659 Broadway, New York, N.Y. (1961-1964)

A Side: Wait

B Side: Kokomo


The first 45 for June 2020 comes from the Crackerjack label. You might be familiar as this label supported music icons such as Ike Turner, Betty Green, and of course Eddie Carlton. “Wait” and “Kokomo” have two totally unique feels from one another, but still make this a perfect 45. “Wait” expresses the fear most people in relationships have at one point or another – being left. While “Kokomo” contrasts this fear with the narrator meeting a beautiful girl in Kokomo.

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Allen Cromer: You You You / My Soul Thing


Label: Edge 505. Released 1965. (1962-1965)

A Side: You You You

B Side: My Soul Thing


Batting second, we have a good feeling, love 45 for all you happily married folks. “You You You” undoubtedly uses repetition in the songs theme and it is sure to be stuck in your head. Allen Cromer has a unique voice that is hard to forget which likely played a part in his success as a musician. “My Soul Thing” puts me on a beach somewhere - piña colada in hand. This 45 is an all-around mood improver and should be in your record collection.


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Coffee: Your Lovin’ Ain’t As Good As Mine / Just Because


Label: Love Lite 500. Released 1977

Label Owner: Clarence Johnson. 320 East Twenty First St., Chicago, IL. (1969-1977)

A Side: Your Lovin’ Ain’t As Good As Mine

B Side: Just Because


We are bringing sexy back with our final 45 of June 2020. If you don’t know Coffee, you will now. This power female trio understands soul. “Your Lovin’ Ain’t as Good as Mine” has it all – strong falsettos, horns, and the classic wah-wah pedal to get you in the mood. They don’t stop there, though, “Just Because” has some of the most soulful female vocals ever showcased in our blog. You can really feel the energy behind the song’s theme and you’ll be sure to click the replay button.


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