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by Administrator 11. May 2020 13:41

You won’t be disappointed with this week’s selection of 45s from Parkers Records & Comics. Since it is the month of mothers, 2 out of the 3 45s are female focused and wow are they good! You might not have known this, but Curtis Mayfield had his own label and produced some amazing music. The final track on our list this month is going to put some heat under your seat. Check them out!


Richard Fields: Doctor Feelgood / Devoted


Label: Cordon 101. Released 1961. 

A Side: Doctor Feelgood


B Side: Devoted


The Cordon 101 label released 2 records during its lifetime – one from Richard Fields and the other by Wally Cox. Richard acquired the nickname “Dimples” after a fangirl noticed he was always smiling. He died at the early age of 59. Though his life was short-lived, Richard cranked out a number of worthwhile records during his career, including the Doctor Feelgood 45 available on our site today. 


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Lily Fields: Burn My Bridges (mono) / Same (stereo)


Label: Chumley 90002. Released in 1973.


A Side: Burn My Bridges


B Side: Same promo


You can’t miss out on this track! It is as if Lily Fields is sitting in the same room as you. The song begins with a nice piano chord progression and the soothing sound of Lily’s voice speaking to you. As the song progresses, she kicks it into gear and her powerful voice shines through. I could listen to this over and over again. The way the drums and bass falls into place is infectious!


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Fascinations: I’m in Love / I Can’t Stay Away From You


Label: Mayfield 7716. Released 1967.


Label Owner: Curtis Mayfield. 1650 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 1966-1969.


A Side: I’m in Love


B Side: I Can’t Stay Away From You


Our final 45 for May 2020 wouldn’t be complete without including something from Curtis MAYfield’s label 7716. Mayfield is a music icon and never disappoints. The final 45 of the month is played by the female power group, The Fascinations.  You really couldn’t ask for more from a track than “I’m in Love”. The swing, the vocals, the key changes – it is perfect! Don’t miss out on this 45 and check it out today using the link below.


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If you are interested in purchasing one of these 45s from Parker’s Records please write down the Artist and Song Title while listening to the sound clips to make for an easy checkout experience. You can make purchases using our secure form.


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