45s for When You Are Feeling Lonely

by Administrator 13. April 2020 14:38

We are all feeling a little lonely and isolated during these strange times as a result of COVID19. What better way to fill our time in solitude than with some new music themed around loneliness. This month we bring you 45s from Larry J. Greene, Herman Griffin, and Betty Green.


Larry J. Greene: The Girl I Love / Another Lonely Night



Label: Tammy 1036. Released in 1970 (Blue-Eyed Soul)


Label Address: 334 Elm St. Struthers, Ohio. Corn Market at Woodland, Youngstown, Ohio, 7 East Woodland, Youngstown , Ohio. 545 Market St., Youngstown, Ohio.

A Side: The Girl I Love


B Side: Another Lonely Night


Greene’s “The Girl I Love” uses hints of surfer-rock twang and rhythms mixed with doo-wop to create its feel. We’ve all been there at one point or another, wishing we could have someone that is unavailable. Wondering what in the world we could do to make them ours. Sometimes, you just have to put on some Larry Greene, accept reality,  and sing your pain away. You may be feeling more lonely now, than ever before, and Larry J. Greene might be exactly what you need. 


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Herman Griffin: True Love / It’s You


Label: Columbia 41951. Released in 1961


A Side: True Love


B Side: It’s You


Griffin wasn’t just known for his voice, he was quite the entertainer, too. If you found yourself listening to Herman at a club during the 50s and 60s, you would be pleasantly surprised to see him backflipping and doing the splits on stage. According to a number of resources, “True Love/ It’s You” didn’t do much for Griffin’s career, but that didn’t stop us from sharing this 45 and shouldn’t stop you from giving it a listen. 


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Betty Green: Lonely Girl / He’s Down On Me


Label: Crackerjack 4018. Released in 1964

Label Owner: Henry (Juggy Murray) Jones. 271 West 125th ST., New York, N.Y. Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y. 1659 Broadway, New York, N.Y. (1961-1964)

A Side: Lonely Girl

B Side: He’s Down On Me


You might not have known this, but Betty Green was quite the bass player on top of being a fantastic singer. This could explain why the intro to “Lonely Girl” uses such a powerful drum fill that leads right into a classic jazz swing drum beat using the toms on the backbeats. Every drummer and bass player can appreciate this drum groove - it never gets old. “He’s Down on Me” lead to great success for Betty and her career. Check out the link below to give this 45 a listen.


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