February Mood Setters

by Administrator 13. February 2020 09:27

Parkers Records and Comics is back for another month, bringing you some of our favorite 45s available. February and Valentine’s Day always seems like a good time of the year for some new music. It is still the beginning of the new year, it’s cold outside, and you might be searching for the perfect track to set the mood right for you and your lover. Check out our suggestions for February 2020 below.

Varetta Dillard: You Better Come Home / I Don’t Know What It Is but I Like It


Label: Cub 9091. Released in 1961.

Label Owner: Arnold Maxin. Lowe’s, Inc., 1650 Broadway, Ney Work, N.Y. (1958-1968)

A Side: You Better Come Home

B Side: I Don’t Know What It Is but I Like It

You might be familiar with Varetta Dillard if you’ve heard her biggest hit, “Mercy, Mr. Percy”. Dillard has an interesting and impressive background considering she grew up in Harlem and was born with a bone condition requiring her to walk with crutches. Dillard’s fun and enthusiastic music exposes her strong will and determination to make it in the music industry despite her disabilities. “You Better Come Home” will keep you engaged with its playful rhythm and Dillard’s unique vocal sounds.

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Debs: Danger Ahead / Just Another Fool


Label: Double-L 727. Released in 1964.

Label Owner: Lloyd Price & Harold Logan. Ney York, N.Y. (1963-1966)

A Side: Danger Ahead

B Side: Just Another Fool

We’ve been on a kick with female vocalists and we wanted to keep that trend going with this 45 from Debs. During this Valentine’s season you might want to keep your head on a swivel and hold your ground! Debs sings about loyalty and the temptations present in our world, which is especially relevant during the month of love.

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Tyrone Davis: I Wanna Be Good Company / I’m Confessin



Label: Hit Sound 888. Released in 1969.

Label Owner: Jack Daniels & Johnny Moore. 3234 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, Il. (1968-1970)

A Side: I Wanna Be Good Company

B Side: I’m Confessin

Tyrone Davis had an impressive career as a singer, achieving a number of hit records over his 20-year career. “I Wanna Be Good Company” is the epitome of what great soul and funk music means to me. Powerful and soulful vocals, a solid rhythm section, and a stellar brass section. What more could you need?

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