Three 45s to End Your 2019

by Administrator 13. December 2019 14:07

December is always a great time to listen to some classic blues and soul music. This month, we have a great list of tracks for your listening pleasure. The three artists for this month include: Majestics, Claudell McKell, and Marve and the Tinnon Bros. There is a little something for everyone including in this list as these three groups offer a blend of different styles ranging from soul to blues music. We hope you enjoy these tracks and don’t forget to take a listen to the sample tracks provided.


Majestics: Gwendolyn / Lonely Heart


Label: Chex 1006. Released in 1962.

Label Owner: Willi “Tony” Ewing, Detroit, MI. (1962-1963).

A Side: Gwendolyn

B Side: Lonely Heart

The A side of this 45 from Majestics, called “Gwendolyn,” represents a classic love doo-wop style tune from the 60s. The lyrics discuss how important Gwendolyn is to the lyricist and the instrumentals take on a classic vintage rhythm often heard during this era. The B side, “Lonely Heart”, takes an opposite perspective of “Gwendolyn.” The track discusses exactly what you would think – a man losing his woman and the loneliness that follows. The mourning of losing someone special is portrayed through a slow tempo and shuffle groove. You can listen to samples of this 45 by using the links provided below.

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Claudell McKell: Experience Is the Best Teacher / You Can Make It if You Try

Label: Branding Iron 100171. (1972)

A Side: Experience Is the Best Teacher

B Side: You Can Make It if You Try

The Branding Iron label released just four records in its lifetime and this 45 by Claudell McKell is one of them. Experience is truly the best way to learn anything in life and that is the theme of the A side on this 45. If your mother has ever proven you wrong about a relationship, you might relate to this track. Enjoy the foot stomping groove, powerful female vocals, and harmonizing brass by listening to a sample of this track by using the link below. 

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Marve and the Tinnon Bros.: I’m a Loser / Candy Man

Label: M.O.C. 676 (1970)

Label Owner: Joe Cuoghi, Memphis, TN (1962-1970).

A Side: I’m a Loser

B Side: Candy Man

Marve and the Tinnon Bros. provide a powerful and unique sound by mixing a variety of styles including soul, blues, and funk. The A side, “I’m a Loser,” incorporates a driving drum and guitar rhythm infused with a bluesy harmonica sound. Who doesn’t love a good harp? The groove doesn’t stop on the A side, however, as “Candy Man” uses a classic blues structure and even incorporates a lovely drum and bass break. Although from a similar era, this tune isn’t meant to be confused with the classic Sammy Davis Jr. track “The Candy Man.” Groove your way into the winter blues and listen to samples of both of these tracks by using the link provided below.

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