Winter Is Here, 45s for Your Ears

by Administrator 13. November 2019 12:21

Winter is upon us and there is a chill in the air, but that’s not stopping Parkers Records and Comics from providing you with our picks for November. Cozy up with one of these 45s this winter and let us know what you think! This month we bring you a 45 from Barbara and the Delights, Timmy Willis, and Billy Sha-Rae.


Barbara and the Delights: She’s a Smooth One / Shirley Got There Early


Label: U.A. 675. Released in 1963.

Label Owner: Max Youngstein. 729 Seventh Ave., New York, NY. (1957-1973)

A Side: She’s a Smooth One

B Side: Shirley Got There Early

This 45 from Barbara and the Delights has a classic sound to it. There is a common theme on this 45. Both tracks discuss playfulness, jealousy, and self-control – or a lack there of. The A-side, “She’s a Smooth One”, discusses a man being hypnotized by a woman who will likely send him down the wrong path, while the b-side “Shirley Got There Early” talks about a woman going after another woman’s man and the jealousy involved with a situation like that. A theme we can all probably relate to, whether we like to admit it or not. Another take on this 45 is that the A and B side are talking about the same situation but from two different perspectives. Check it out using the link below and decide for yourself!

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Timmy Willis:  Mr. Soul Satisfaction / I’m Wondering


Label: Sidra 9013. Released in 1967.

A Side: Mr. Soul Satisfaction

B Side: I’m Wondering

To me, Mr. Soul Satisfaction is the epitome of a groovy soul track. The track has an intriguing intro, groovy drum and bass, repetitive vocal melody, vocal harmonies, slapping guitar rhythm, and a brass section to top it all off. Take a listen to this feel good track by using the link below and purchase it for yourself! You’ll have to buy the 45 to preview side b – “I’m Wondering”.

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Billy Sha-Rae: Do It / I Found the One

Label: Hour Glass 007. Released in 1969.

Label Owner: 1700 Broadway, New York, NY. (1969-1970)

A Side: Do It

B Side: I Found the One

Billy Sha-Rae was born in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan – the city of Motown. Billy was involved with a group called Soul Congress while in Detroit and even received a minor hit with “Do It.” After listening to “Do It” you might be surprised it qualified for a hit considering its unique sound and structure. It almost feels like a jam session between Billy and his band. The tune has a driving feel to it and there is a guitar pattern that sounds very similar to Led Zeppelins “Immigrant Song”. Check it out by using the link below!

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