September Soul

by Administrator 17. September 2019 09:55

We have a good mix of tunes for you this month. Fast tempos, slow tempos, instrumental breaks, lots of vocal harmonies, driving drums, brass sections and more. Take a look at our list for September and we think you’ll find something worth holding onto.

Victones: My Baby Changes / I Need You So


Label: Front Page 1001. Released in 1970.

Label Owner: Bobby Robinson. 271 W. 125th St., New York, NY. (1970-1971)

A Side: My Baby Changes

B Side: I Need You So

The Victones use a rather simple metaphor in “My Baby Changes” to explain the problem at hand with their lyric stating “my baby changes like the weather.” Relationships can be tough and sometimes people change and realize they want something else out of life. For the victim of the story, these changes can be unexpected and hurtful. Much like the weather, people are unpredictable as well and I think that’s the theme of the A side of this 45. You’ll have to purchase the record to hear “I Need You So.”

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Utopians: Do You Feel It? / Holding On


Label: Sunny-Fla. 0791. Released in 1982.

A Side: Do You Feel It?

B Side: Holding On

Man, would I love to travel back in time and go to a Utopians concert. “Do You Feel It?” just sounds like a good time. If you love groove, soulful vocals, and brass this is the 45 for you. After you listen to the A side of the 45 a few times in a row (because it’s that good), flip the record over and get ready to slow things down. This 45 presents an interesting contrast between the A and B sides but it somehow works perfectly.

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Upfronts:  Baby, for Your Love / It Took Time (It Took you)


Label: Lummtone 108. Released in 1962

Label Owner: Lummie Fowler. P.O. Box 11121, Los Angeles, CA. (1959-1965)

A Side: Baby, for Your Love

B Side: It Took Time (It took You)

Although these tracks were released just after the 1950s, you can definitely hear some 50s influences. This 45 is a dancing and swinging compilation of music. The drums and vocal harmonies are the most significant elements to these two songs in my opinion. Their repetitiveness keeps the songs moving along.

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