3 Hot 45s for August

by Administrator 19. August 2019 14:42

August is a hot month for us here in the Midwest and we thought it would only be appropriate to write this month’s blog about some of the hottest tracks available at Parker’s Records. Leading off in August is George Tindley, followed by Robert Taylor, and finally we have a 45 from Talk of the Town. Be sure to leave your comments below the blog!

George Tindley: Pity the Poor Man / Wan-Tu-Wah-Zuree

Label: Wand 11215. Released in 1970.

Label Owner: Florence Greenburg. 1674 Broadway, New York, NY; 1850 Broadway New York, NY; 254 West 54th St., New York, NY. (1959-1976)

A Side: Pity the Poor Man

B Side: Wan-Tu-Wah-Zuree

George Tindley sure knows how to treat his woman. “Pity the Poor Man” emphasizes the importance of sticking together in a relationship and making sacrifices for the one you love. In the words of my late grandfather, “A happy wife is a happy life.”  The B side of this 45 is only available for listening in our store, but you can find more details by clicking the link below.

Sound Clips and Order Information

Robert Taylor: Packin’ Up Your Love / A Change is Gonna Come

Label: Sonic 8624. Released in 1968.

Label Address: 4736 Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL.

A Side: Packin’ Up Your Love

B Side: A Change is Gonna Come

A good shuffle is the key to my heart and the A side of this 45 grooves. “Packin’ Up Your Love” is the perfect mix of drums, bass, horns, and soulful vocals sung by Robert Taylor. Flip the 45 over and you’ll get Taylor’s rendition of the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change Gonna Come.” This track has been covered by so many renown artists over the years, but few have heard Robert Taylor’s version. Get it using the link below!

Sound Clips and Order Information

Talk of the Town: Don’t Be So Mean / Accept Me for What I Am

Label: North Bay 305. Released in 1972.

Label Owner: Jimmy Bishop, Philadelphia, PA. (1971-9172)

A Side: Don’t Be So Mean

B Side: Accept Me for What I Am

If you love vocal harmonies – and who doesn’t – you are in for a treat. This Talk of the Town 45 featuring “Don’t Be So Mean” and “Accept Me for What I Am” might be the hottest vinyl available at Parker’s Records and it could be yours. Both tracks start off with unique beginnings incorporating bongos and what sounds like a timpani only to drop into soulful grooves guaranteed to make your hairs stick up.

Sound Clips and Order Information

If you are interested in purchasing one of these 45s from Parker’s Records please write down the record number while listening to the sound clips to make for an easy checkout experience. You can make purchases using our secure form.



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