A Few Sympathy 45s to Get You Through July

by Administrator 17. July 2019 12:09

We’ve got a nice mix of themes for you this month, but if you are having relationship troubles or have in the past, you should check out July’s list of 45s. We will start you out with a seductive RnB track from Now and end the list with a few breakup songs from Sonny Oceans and the New Bloods.

Now: Girl You Sure Turn Me On (Pt. 1) / Pt. 2


Label: Fee 303. Released in 1974

A Side: Girl You Sure Turn Me On (Part 1)

B Side: Part 2

If you haven’t noticed, we are getting a little steamy this week with Now’s “Girl You Sure Turn Me On”. The mood only seems appropriate considering how hot it has been here in the Midwest. The track even incorporates the world’s sexiest instrument: the saxophone. This song really brings it all together in every way. The backbeat of the drums, smooth vocals, saxophone solos, and a groovy bassline make this song worth listening to.

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Sonny Oceans: Pity Me / I’m Her Lover Man

Label: Columbia 43422. Released in 1974.

A Side: Pity Me

B Side: I’m Her Lover Man

The second 45 for the month of July comes from Sonny Oceans. Both the A and B side will reel you in with their catchy, simplistic guitar intros. With every relationship breakup comes pity. Whether this is self-pity or sympathy from others, it’s typically expected, and most times rightfully so! If you are someone that likes to keep to themselves, perhaps Sonny Oceans can be your companion during a difficult breakup. You can purchase this spinning sympathizer by using the link below!

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New Bloods: Self Service / Found a Love, Where It’s At

Label: 20th Century Fox 554. Released in 1964.

A Side: Self Service

B Side: Found a Love, Where It’s At

Lyrically, we are ending this week on a somber note, but the A side of this 45 emits an uplifting vibe that makes everything seem okay. Sometimes feeling sad can be a good thing and that is my interpretation of this track. In times when no one else is around to support you, take some time and serve yourself! After all, we can’t make others happy until we are able to find contentment within our own lives.

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