3 Soul Groups You Need to Know About This Summer

by Administrator 19. June 2019 09:43

Our picks for June have a little something for everyone. This list of tracks compiles everything I think of when I think about good soul music – tight drums, groovy bass lines, vocal melodies, and harmonies form both male and female vocalists. Let us know what your favorite tracks are in the comments below!

Persians: Get A Hold of Yourself / Steady Kind

Label: Pagent 601. Released in 1963

Label Owners: Harry Chipits, Bernie Lower, Kal Mann. 140 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA.

A Side: Get A Hold of Yourself

B Side: Steady Kind

The A side of this 45 is somewhat reminiscent of the classic R&B tune “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Considering the hit from 1967 is one of my favorite tunes, the 1963 recording, “Get A Hold of Yourself”, immediately caught my attention. The track has a similar repetitive rhythm with a slightly eerie feel to it.  The B side, “Steady Kind”, incorporates a vocal melody and rhythm that isn’t so steady. The syncopated rhythm of the drums will get your feet moving back and forth.

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Prime Ministers: I Don’t Know No More / Make-Up


Label: RCA 9170 Promotional Copy. Released in 1968. 1950-2015.

A Side: I Don’t Know No More

B Side: Make-Up

Wow, the Prime Ministers know how to shuffle. The drums on “I Don’t Know No More” incorporate an unusually quick hi hat pattern that is irresistible. The track also has multiple singers covering a wide range of high and low vocal melodies. Flip the 45 over, and get ready to groove with “Make-Up”. I’ve always loved a groovy bass line and this song is everything I have ever wanted to hear from the bass guitar.  

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Partnership: Not for the Love nor Money / Baby, If I Had You

Label: MGM 13854. Promotional copy. Released in 1967. 1950-1980.

A Side: Not for the Love nor Money

B Side: Baby, If I Had You

The Partnership’s “Not for the Love nor Money” is played at an impressively quick tempo. I am most impressed by the group’s ability to still keep the vocals right in the pocket of the rest of the instruments. “Baby, If I Had You” is the perfect song to play for that special someone you want to call yours.

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