Love Lessons for May

by Administrator 13. May 2019 12:29

Perhaps it is because Mother's Day just happened, but there always seems to be love in the air during the month of May. This month's 45s talk about the ups, downs, and difficulties of understanding love. If you are in need of some extra TLC, put on any one of these 45s.

Alex Brown: I'm in Love / What Would You Do without Someone to Love

Label: TRC 1001 (1969)

Label Owner: Ray Charles. 2107 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 1962-1973.

A Side: I'm in Love

B Side: What Would You Do without Someone to Love

Soul singer, Alex Brown, sings about two different perspectives on love with this 45. The A side, “I’m in Love,” discusses all of the warm and fuzzy feelings love creates. The B side, “What Would You Do without Someone to Love,” explains how it might feel if you didn’t have someone to love. This song really makes me think about all of the important little things love has to offer that often get taken for granted. Both sides of this 45 express positivity and the power of love. The catch phrase “What Would You Do without Love” is executed and delivered perfectly. The way in which the drums, bass, and vocal melody bounce and syncopate makes for a super catchy chorus.

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Johhny Barnes: It Must Be Love / 'same'

Label: Cap City 122 (1967). Washington, D.C. 1967-1968

A Side: It Must Be Love

B Side: 'same'

When we fall in love for the first time it often feels unfamiliar. Johnny Barnes sings about these unfamiliar feelings in “It Must Be Love.” A line in the song that particularly stands out is when he reminisces on how his mother used to tell him what love feels like. Musically speaking, the A side of this 45 incorporates a push and pull effect. It feels like the pre-chorus is going to lead into a chorus, but then the song releases and drops back into another verse. 

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Carolyn Byrd: Give Him Your Everything / Good-Bye the One

Label: Lionel 3221 (1971)

Label Owner: MGM Records. 7165 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA. 1970-1972

A Side: Give Him Your Everything

B Side: Good-Bye the One

The love story continues with Carolyn Byrd’s 45. “Give Him Your Everything” is pretty self-explanatory, but it really drives a good message home. If two people are committed to one another, they should be giving each other their all. If there is an imbalance on one side of a relationship, it will likely fail. “Good-Bye the One” discusses getting out of an unhealthy relationship and chasing happiness instead. For any drummers reading this blog post, both sides of this 45 include excellent drum fills, grooves, and auxiliary percussion.

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