Love 45s Touching All Ends of the Spectrum

by Administrator 12. April 2019 15:44

April’s compilation of soul and funk 45s includes an eclectic group of records discussing topics on both ends of the love spectrum. Starting out, we have a love ballad sung by Eddie McLoyd, followed by a track from female vocalist Rosalind Madison, and ending the list with Johnny Moore.

Eddie McLoyd: Once You Fall in Love / Same


Label: Dakar 4547. (1975)

Label Owner: Carl Davis and Nat Tarnopol. 1449 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL. 1967-1977

A Side: Once You Fall in Love

B Side: Same

This month we start off with Eddie McLoyd’s biggest hit to date, “Once You Fall in Love.” Eddie is a bit of a renaissance man – having many talents and achievements over the course of his career including music, television, and outdoor hobbies according to his website. This 45 discusses how much influence love has on our life decisions, emotions, and overall happiness.  

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Rosalind Madison: Fancy / Use What You’ve Got



Label: Silver Fox 20. (1970)

Label Owners: Lelan Rogers and Shelby Sumpter Singleton. Nashville, TN. 1969-1970.

A Side: Fancy

B Side: Use What You Got

“Here’s your one chance Fancy.” Rosalind Madison resembles what some might consider a sugar baby on the A side of this 45. A young girl and her mother are hardly getting by and so the daughter is out looking for someone that can help support them. Listen to the track available below to see how the story ends. There’s definitely a bit of materialism and greed throughout the A side of this 45, but Rosalind sure has an impressive flow with her lyrics.

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Johnny Moore: Haven’t I Been Good to You / A Dollar Ninety-Eight


Label: Wand 1165. (1967)

Label Owners: Florence Greenberg. 1674 Broadway, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. 254 West 54th St. New York, NY. 1959-1976.

A Side: Haven’t I Been Good to You        

B Side: A Dollar Ninety-Eight

The final 45 for the month of April talks about the complications and challenges many people face during relationships. The narrator is feeling the pressure from his significant other and the driving chorus compliments this rising pressure felt by the narrator. You can expect to hear some classic funk rhythm guitar, impressive vocal harmonies, and groovy drum and bass from the A side of this record.

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While listening to these tracks be sure to write down the record number to make an easy checkout experience. You can use our secure form for all purchases. We will see you in May for next month’s list of records.


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