Spring Weather and Good 45 Records, There's Nothing Better

by Administrator 13. March 2019 15:37

March is here and that means spring weather is just around the corner. Open up your windows, feel the cool breeze, and let the blooming spring flowers tickle your nose all while listening to this month’s compilation of records. This month, Parker’s Records introduces you to soul artists Buddy & Stacy, Cody Black, and Bobby Breen.

Buddy & Stacy: Angel / A Thing Called Jealousy


Label: Twirl 2018 (Released 1965).

Label Owner: Harry Balk, 20 W. Alexandrine, Detroit, MI. & 850 Seventh Ave, New York, NY (1959-1966).

A Side: Angel

B Side: A Thing Called Jealousy

Woo! This 45 grooves. Buddy & Stacy and their backing band know how to funk, swing, and get your hips moving. Buddy & Stacy were true entertainers and worth taking some time to watch a video or two. You may be surprised they were allowed on national television during the ‘60s with their provocative dance moves.

Fun Fact: Jimi Hendrix was the backing guitarist for Buddy & Stacy for a short period of time. If you perform a Google search for Buddy & Stacy a video of Jimi playing with them will likely pop up.

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Cody Black: Ain’t No Love Like Your Love / Stop Trying to Do What You See Your Neighbor Do


Label: Capital 2858 (Released 1970)

ASide: Ain’t No Love Like Your Love

B Side: Stop Trying to Do What You See Your Neighbor Do

This 45 is irresistible. Ain’t No Love Like Your Love is a true piece of art. The opening piano rift is one of the catchiest syncopated chord progressions my ears have ever heard and the song stays driving with its tight shuffle groove.  Flip the record over and you’ll find another delightful tune. For any piano enthusiasts reading our blog, this is a must have 45. 

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Bobby Breen: Better Late than Never / How Can We Tell Him


Label: Motown 1053. (Released 1964)

Label Owner: Berry Gordy Jr. West Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI. 2547 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI. 6464 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA

A Side: Better Late than Never 

B Side: How Can We Tell Him

Bobby Breen slows it down for us during this month’s list of our favorite 45’s. Breen began his career in the Canadian entertainment industry at a young age singing and acting in various movies including Hawaii Calls and Rainbow on the River. His voice is one of a kind and worth a listen.

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While listening to these tracks be sure to write down the associated order number to make an easy checkout experience. You can use our secure form for all purchases. We will see you in April for next month’s list of 45’s!


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