Cozy up with These January Spinners

by Administrator 31. January 2019 11:18

This month we decided to take you on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. January tends to be the month people stay inside, spend more time by themselves, and reflect on their current relationship status. Check out this month’s tracks if you can relate or just want to learn some new music!


Tommy Butler: Move on Stay Gone/ Too Young

Label: Chattahoochee 704 (1966). Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (1961-1966).

A Side: Move on Stay Gone

B Side: Too Young

You will sympathize and likely relate to Tommy while listening to “Move on and Stay Gone.” The vocal melody sustains and drags on during the verses, reflecting the struggle the narrator endures while chasing his great white buffalo. Longing for a particular someone but never being able to call them yours is something many of us have experienced. At some point, we have to move on, stay gone, and find someone worth our time.  Come to our store to listen to Side B or you can order the record online!

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Bobby Day: Spicks and Specks/ So Lonely (Since You’ve been Gone)

Label: Sure-Shot 5036 (1966). Label Owner: Don D. Robey. 2809 Erastus St, Houston, TX (1963-1967.)

A Side: So Lonely (Since You’ve been Gone)

B Side: Spicks and Specks

If you’ve ever wanted to let the world know you are feeling lonely, you should give Bobby Day a listen. Day’s shouting and the song’s driving bass line might be the kind of energy you need to get through this winter season. Spicks and Specks continues this month’s theme with Bobby singing about all of the women and memories he has left behind. 

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Burke Family: Under the Spell/ Look of Love 

Label: Cobblestone 701 (1968). 1650 Broadway, New York, NY & 610 Seventh Ave. New York, NY (1968-1972).

A Side: Under the Spell

B Side: Look of Love (Island)

This record leaves us feeling warm and optimistic- a resolution to our search for love if you will. The A Side, Under the Spell, discusses the narrator’s admiration for a particular someone and on side B the Burke Family helps the narrator groove his way into finding love. 

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While listening to these tracks through the links provided be sure to write down the record number as you will need this when checking out with our secure form. Thanks for tuning in this month!


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