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As fall comes to an end and we enter the winter months, it’s good to have a special someone to push through the cold with. These 45’s cover that feeling of want, or even need. Everyone needs to be loved! 2 out of our 3 records this month were on labels that only released 3 records, giving them some rarity. Enjoy!

Barbara Perry-Unlovable/Say You Need It

 Barbara Perry-Unlovable/Say You Need It

Owners: Quinton M. Claunch & Rudolph “Doc” Russell. 2445 Chelsea Ave, Memphis, TN. (1963-1970’s.)

A Side: Unlovable

B Side: Say You Need It

Two great songs! The A side is a bit slower, while Say You Need It delivers a groovy baseline that will have you dancing through the holiday season. When a love is so good, you might just absolutely need it. Barbara conveys this, and the fact that even people tough to love are worth loving, on this 45.

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Persians-I Can’t Take It Anymore/Detour-GWP’s Grapevine 201. Released in 1969.

 Persians-I Can't Take It Anymore/Detour

Owners: New York, N.Y. Only 3 records released on this label. 1969.

A Side: I Can’t Take It Anymore

B Side: Detour

You can count on The Persians to deliver some soul. Love has ups and downs, and sometimes it pushes us to our breaking points. If you’re feeling like that, you’ll enjoy the A side of this record. Flip to Side B, and the trials and tribulations of dating, or pursuing someone you think could be match. Sometimes you’ll do whatever it takes, even a round-about detour.

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Harriet Reeves-Just Friends/Come To Me-Eon 103. Released in 1961.

Harriet Reeves-Just Friends/Come To Me

Owners: New Orleans, LA. Only 3 records released on this label. 1961.

A Side: Just Friends

B Side: Come to Me

This record is so rare, you won’t be able to find anywhere to listen online! Fortunately, we have sound clips on most of our records. Listen, and order online!

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