60’s Records That Will Make You Feel Good

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Research suggests that we are most likely to remember events when they are tied to strong emotions, particularly pleasant ones. Of course, you don’t need to be a scientist to know just how true this is. As we’ve all experienced at one point or another, music not only allows us to reconnect with fond memories, but an especially heartfelt song can even help us relive these moments as if it was happening all over again.

So if you could relive any type of memory, which would you choose? Your happiest ones, of course! At Parker's Records, we have a number of records that will put you in a great mood. Whether you want to relive the exhilaration of a brand new love or fond memories of an exciting night out, here are just a few records from the 60’s guaranteed to make you feel good.

Pic 1 126 record

At The Party by Lee Maye – Pic 1 126 (Released 1965)

LabelOwner: Huey P. Meaux, Ville Platte, LA (1964-1966)

Side A: At The Party

Side B: Stop The World

Many singers strove to prove themselves in the 60s but few ever achieved the level of success that makes them still worth talking about today. Rhythm and blues artist Arthur Lee Maye was an extraordinary case. Not only did he achieve a level of musical success that many could only dream of, he also established a career on the field as a Major League Baseball player. While it’s easy to focus on what made Maye unique, it’s perhaps most worthwhile to focus on what made him distinct – his talent as a tenor.

Maye’s 1965 record “At The Party” features an uptempo rhythm and lighthearted lyrics that are certain to inspire some fun in your day. But, without a doubt, the defining feature of the record is Maye’s own bold, powerful voice. In fact, Maye’s voice is so good at getting people on their feet that you may just want to throw a party every time you listen to him.

Music City 856 record

Let Our Love Go On by The Music City Soul Brothers – Music City 856 (Released 1964)

Label Owner: Ray Dobart, 1815 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA (1954-1975)

Side A: Let Our Love Go On

Side B: Every Night I See Your Face

What could create a better listening experience than the sound of a gifted tenor? The perfect harmony between two extraordinary tenors, of course. And, just as you would expect, the unison of two distinct and powerful voices will do more than just move it – it’s bound to blow you away. That’s exactly what the Music City Soul Brothers offer in their 1964 album “Let Our Love Go On”.

Not to be misunderstood, just the lyrics and the music of “Let Our Love Go On” and “Let Our Love Go On” alone are enough to leave you enamored with the album; but it’s the perfect harmony of tenors Freddie Hughes and Ken Pleasants that elevates this listening experience from just “great” to absolutely “incredible”. This may be unsurprising to many, however, considering the enormous vocal talent and rich history of both Freddie Hughes and Ken Pleasants offer as individual artists. Both Hughes and Pleasants had a voice that was undeniably meant for Soul and, while only together for a short time, the amount of talent they offered as a duo is as hard to come by today as it was back then.

King 6068

Lookie, Lookie, Lookie by The Jewels – King 6068 (Released 1967)

Label Owner: Sydney Nathan, 1540 Brewster Ave, Cincinnati, OH; 1255 South Wasbash, Chicago, IL; 2131 South Michigan Ave, Chicago IL (1943-1973)

Side A: Lookie Lookie Lookie

Side B: Smokie Joe’s

The Jewels (alternatively spelt “The Jewells”) was a female group who began as The Impalas and later became The Four Jewels before finally establishing themselves as the group they are known as today. As artists, they made a name for themselves with Soul-, Rhythm-, and Blues-inspired music. More than anything, however, the group was best known for music that will make you feel good. Both the eponymous song “Lookie Lookie Lookie” and “Smokie Joe’s” have all of the makings of a guilty pleasure: an upbeat rhythm, vocal harmony, and a story about self-indulgence.

Let’s Throw a Party

Want to take your day from “good” to “extraordinary”? Then all you need to do is put a record on. Parker's Records has the songs that will make anyone feel good.

Pricing, details (grade, side A/B, quantity) and sound clips for each of the above records can be found via the following links:

At The Party – Lee Maye

Let Our Love Go On – The Music City Soul Brothers

Lookie, Lookie, Lookie – The Jewels

We provide a simple online ordering form for any of our records. Enter your billing and shipping information, provide details about the record you’re requesting, hit submit, and relax knowing that good times are on their way.


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