There's a 60's Record for Everyone

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Growing up. Falling in love. Falling out of love.

The songs of the 60’s are as much about our modern lives as they have ever been. And with their unique lyrical style and heartfelt melodies, Pop Rock and Funk / Soul music, in particular, captures the essence of these tales better than music from any other era. It almost goes without saying that 60’s music offers the world more than just hidden gemsthe 60’s offers music for everyone.

Volt-The Fleets

Please Return to Me/Go Away by The Fleets-Volt 120

Was there ever a story more universal than the story of lost love? Well, as this Volt record from 1964 goes to show, it’s also a timeless one, too. “Please Return to Me” tells the classic tale of a man whose significant other has left him despite his best efforts to keep her happy. If you’re the sort of person who prefers happy endings, however, “Go Away” tells the story of a man who has moved on after his lover comes back for him. Could it be any more fitting for these two songs to be paired on the reverse of each other? No matter your preference, The Fleets deliver relatable lyrics and a pop rock sound that is certain to please every kind of listener.

Jet Set-Jimmy Castor

Why/Fabulous New York by Jimmy Castor-Jet Set Records 1009

Jimmy Castor was known for being able to produce everything from doo wop to hip hop and this classic record from 1966 is no different. Everything about Jet Set Records 1009 demonstrates exactly why Castor earned the title “The Everything Man”. But, in addition to the quality of sound you would expect from a Funk / Soul artist who peaked on the Billboard Hot 100, “Why?” and “Fabulous New York” also offers some unique flavor that can only be offered by an artist who grew up in The Big Apple. From sound to lyrics, this record is truly “everything”.

Thinkin' About You/This I Pray by Peps-D-Town 1060

Peps – or “The Fabulous Peps” as they are often and appropriately called – provided us with this wonder in 1966 under the D-Town label. Both “Thinkin’ About You” and “This I Pray” capture the spirit of Northern Soul. And while the former provides a classic, upbeat song about a man in love, “This I Pray” perfectly blends Funk / Soul and gospel inspiration with prayerful lyrics about asking for peace and strength. With an easy-going tempo, the sound of this song alone will immediately set you at ease. If you’ve been looking for a record that offers both Soul and soul, your prayers have been answered.

Parker's Records and Comics has the record meant for you.

From stories of finding love to stories of searching for peace and strength, we have a record from the 60’s that you are certain to enjoy. When you’re ready to call one of these your own, we have it at Parker’s Records and Comics.

Pricing, details (grade, side A/B, quantity) and sound clips for each of the above records can be found via the following links:

Please Return to Me-The Fleets

Why-Jimmy Castor

Thinkin’ About You-Peps

We provide a simple online ordering for any of our records. Enter your billing and shipping information, provide details about the record you’re requesting, and hit submit. From there, sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing that your records are on their way!


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