Soul Legends and Hidden Gems of the 60's

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Have you ever experienced the “perfect” blend of blues, jazz and gospel music? With powerful blends of sound and equally compelling lyrics, the soul music of the 60’s is nothing short of life changing. In our previous post we explored only a few of our favorite soul 45’s, but today we’re thrilled to share some of the headliners – and hidden gems – that truly made the 60’s one of the best times to be a music listener.

Tide of Love by Miss LaVell – Duke

The two songs featured on this record, “Just Look At You Fool” and “Tide of Love”, carries the full depth of soul and blues that has made Miss Lavelle a living legend. If you listen closely, you can also hear a touch of gospel flavor inspired by the singer and songwriter’s rich history. This record was produced in 1961 by Duke Records owner Don. D. Robey in Houston, Texas.

 Duke-Tide of Love by Miss Lavell

Gotta Get To Know You by Bobby Bland – Duke

Duke Records is renowned for producing a number of blues and soul legends and Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland is without a doubt one of the most noteworthy. One listen to “Gotta Get To Know You” or “Baby, I’m On My Way” and you’ll understand why Bland was the label’s leading man. Produced in 1961 by Duke Records owner Don. D. Robey, this record is packed with soul from the “Lion of the Blues” himself.

 Duke-Gotta Get to Know You by Bobby Bland

New Girl by The Accents – M-Pac

Produced in 1964 by M-Pac owner George Leaner in Chicago, this record represents a hidden gem of 60’s soul music. This particular group only produced a couple of records on Mercury, M-Pac and One-Derful before breaking up, but “New Girl” promises an excellent R&B sound that is still as enjoyable today as it has ever been. Funk, soul, and a classic R&B sound that can only originate from Chicago’s south side are the perfect ingredients for a great music experience.

 M-Pac-New Girl by The Accents

Promises You Made To Me by Tina Marvel – Lu-Pine

Tina Marvel may be a lesser known artist from the 60’s but her music is nothing less than a marvel itself! Just listen to the soulfulness of “Promises You Made To Me” and “I Can’t Love No One But You” and you’ll understand why. This record was produced in 1964 by Lu-Pine owner Robert West and is a soulful treasure we promise you’ll love.

 Lu-Pine-Promises You Made To Me by Tina Marvel

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