A Few Soul 45's That Will Bring You Back

by Administrator 18. October 2016 10:35

You know those records that you see or hear every now and again that bring you back to a specific time in your life?  After writing our last blog post on prominent soul and R&B labels in the 60’s, we were inspired to share a few of them with you.  In our last post we touched on One-Derful, Okeh and Gordy.  In this post we’ll hit songs and groups from Motown (Gordy was a subsidiary label of Motown,) Mar-V-Lus and One-Derful again.  By the end of this post, you’ll feel like you were back in the 60’s!

Tomorrow & Always by Satintones—Motown

This love song may remind you of your first love, as the Satintones express their everyday love for that special someone.  This record was produced by Motown owner Berry Gordy, Jr. in Detroit, Michigan.  With Motown records like this, you’ll notice that the label is pink, meaning it was produced from 1959-1961.  Our next record features an updated blue label from 1961.

 Satintones-Tomorrow and Always

One Nighter-The Dynamic Superiors-Motown

Although it was produced by Hopsack & Silk Productions, this record was still a product of Motown.  There’s a whole lot of soul going on in this record.  It’s smooth on the ears, one of those songs that can immediately put you in a good mood.  It talks about a love so good, that it was worth sticking around for.  The record itself makes you want to stick around and listen to more of The Dynamic Superiors!

 One Nighter-Superiors

Hey Bobby-Bobby Starr-One-Derful

Our next record takes soul and throws an upbeat spin on it.  The harmonica in the heart of the song and soulful lyrics make you want to get up and dance like it was 1963 (when this record was released!)  It came off of the Leaner brothers (Ernie and George) label One-Derful, off of the famous Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL.  Michigan Avenue isn’t just famous for shopping, it also featured some famous soul labels, including One-Derful, and Mar-V-Lus.

 Hey Bobby-Bobby Starr

Ain’t Gonna Cry No More-Josephine Taylor-Mar-V-Lus

Mar-V-Lus was owned by George Leaner.  It’s safe to say he liked putting a playful spin on the names of his record labels!  We have to agree, his labels and some of the records released on them were both “marvelous” and “wonderful.”  This tune is certainly one to dance to, and can pick you right up out of the blues.

 Josephine Taylor-Ain't Gonna Cry No More


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