Northern Soul Authorities: Artists, Tunes and Our Inventory

by Administrator 6. June 2016 10:20

Before discussing records, it’s important to know some of the history to help us appreciate the music.  Northern Soul is a genre that started in the early to mid 1960’s and made its way to the 70’s (we still hear northern soul or pieces of it today!)  It originated in Great Britain through mixing soul and some motown sound.  As the music evolved, so did the dance styles associated with it.  This rich history is part of the reason why collectors are often times seeking 45’s from this genre.

We were curious as to what some authorities in the industry though were the best tunes or so called anthems of this genre at the time, along with the artists that created them.  On top of this, we wanted to confirm if we had any inventory from these artists in our collection (keep in mind, our inventory is updated constantly!)  See the artists we have from the lists below (and view the full lists at NME Blog and Manchester Evening News.)

·         Pointer Sisters

o   Several records, most of which are in mint condition and under $10

·         Fred Hughes

o   7 records are in stock, all graded in some form of Mint condition with prices ranging from $12-$40

·         Edward Hamilton & The Arabians

o   One record in stock-Thank Your Mother and the instrumental on the B side for $15, Mint condition

·         Tyrone Davis

o   Over 20 45’s in stock at a range of prices and grades

·         Johnnie Taylor

o   Over 20 45’s in stock here as well including the “Wanted One Soul Singer” LP from 1967 in Mint condition

·         Jackie Wilson

o   50 items in our current collection!

·         Chubby Checker

o   Plenty to choose from, from Mr. Checker!

·         Linda Jones

o   Soul balads and deep soul in our inventory

·         Gloria Jones

o   Only a few select items, all in mint condition

·         Marvin Gaye

o   As you would likely expect, we have a lot of Marvin in our collection!  One of our favorites being the “Moods Of” LP from 1968, for $150

·         Tony Clarke

o   5 items in stock

·         The Dells

o   A few items in our inventory

What we’re trying to say is that we probably have something you’re looking for in our collection, and if not, we may be able to find it for you!  We’re proud to offer our 45’s and LP’s at prices that are, for the most part, lower than the value set in price guides.  Our goal is to bring you the highest quality, at the best price, and we’ve been fortunate to have some of the rarest vinyl’s pass through our doors.  Some of the recent additions to our stock include (WOL: Writing on Label---Promo: Promotional Copy):

1.       Jackie And The Umpires-Three Kinds Of Love-Cool Party (Promo)-Sew City-107-Mint (W.O.L.)-Soul-$120.00


 The Umpires-Three Kinds of Love

2.       Neptunes-I Don`t Cry Anymore-I`m Coming Home-Victoria-102-Mint- -Soul-$125.00

 Neptunes-I Don't Cry Anymore

3.       Sims, Marvin L.-Get Off My Back-Danger (Promo)-Revue-11038-Mint-Soul/Deep Soul-$100.00

 Marvin L Sims-Get Off My Back

4.       Tides-Who Told You-Bring It Home To Me-620-1007-Mint-Soul-$250.00

The Tides-Who Told You

5.       Jenkins, Donald & The Delighters-I`ve Settled Down-Hide And Go Seek (Promo)-Cortland-116-Mint-Soul-$100.00

 Donald Jenkins and The Delighters-I've Settled Down

Next time you’re looking to add to your collection, bring back some memories or just hear a good nostalgic album, you know where to go!  Parker’s RC is a 45’s dealer that’s been meeting collector’s needs since 1979, and we’re looking forward to doing this for years to come.  Browse our inventory on our main website.  Thanks for reading!


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