Free Comic Book Day 2016

by Administrator 2. May 2016 15:47

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner!  On May 7th 2016 hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of comic books will be distributed around the globe, for free!  Those that read comics are always excited for this day, while many kids and adults will become fans of comics afterwards.  For over 5 years Parker's Records and Comics has been participating in this event.  This year at Milford Junior High of the greater Cincinnati area,  Parker's will be donating over 1100 comics!  Last year we gave away 8 boxes, this year we have over 10!  More than 50 titles and $1000 worth of comic books will be distributed.  We're pleased to be a part of this event and will continue to be for years to come.

Learn more about free comic book day, here.  Also, be sure to explore our collection of comics and records on Parker's main website!


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