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by Administrator 27. April 2016 08:09

At Parker’s we’re proud to sell Charted Hits 45’s.  Our collection includes the 45’s and picture sleeves, along with some 45’s that are specifically made for jukeboxes.  Needless to say, there are some intriguing items in our stock.

Browsing through our charted hits 45’s collection you’ll encounter the Beatles, Brenda Lee, Steely Dan and so many more phenomenal artists with their respective records.   Some items go as low as $1.00, with other rare, mint condition records surpassing $300.00.  You will find them all while exploring.

A common misconception with charted hits is that all of them were widely available, and this simply is not true.  For example:  In stock we have the Rolling Stones 1965 picture sleeve for “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.”  Although pretty much everyone has heard this song at some point in their life, the release of the picture sleeve was limited, and it is now a rare item (that we have in stock!)  Another excellent example is the picture sleeve for “Happy Together” by Turtles, which we also have in stock.

On our website you can find more information regarding our charted hits and other 45’s for sale.  It often comes as a surprise to those browsing that we have an outstanding comic book collection too!  We encourage you to explore, whether it be for your collection, nostalgia or sheer listening pleasure.  Thank you for reading!

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