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Parker’s Records and Comics have a masterful collection of 45’s from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s records and vintage vinyls. Offering a variety of all types of music, Parker’s has an unparalleled selection. Anything from Funk and Soul,  to Instrumental and pop rock can be found in our store! All of these records can be found online as well, for your browsing convenience.


A popular item at Parker’s is our collection of 45’s that include Funk records which originated in the 1960’s, when African American musicians felts like their music needed a “pick-me-up,” or something people could dance to. It was based off of the styles of previous genres such as jazz and R&B, and it is meant to be just a more upbeat. Along with our Funk selection we have Soul records in 45’s that are a mix of gospel and blues. 45’s from artists like Ray Charles and Little Richard are found here.


45 rpm records themselves released in 1949 from RCA as a higher quality, more durable replacement for 78 rpm shellac discs. They were originally produced in mono, but as stereo increased in popularity they started to be produced in that fashion. This was in the 60's and became true for nearly all 45's in the 70's.


We have over 35,000 free samples that cover most of our songs on the website, and we're adding more as we speak! If the song has a music note next to it, you can click on it and it will play a sample of each song. We update our inventory regularly so there are always new samples to listen too. While listening you'll find information on each record. From the songs on each side, to the label and even the grade, we want your buying experience to be flawless.

If you’re interested in any of our offerings, explore our 45 record collection, or contact us via email! Thank you for visiting Parker's!





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