Holiday Gift Ideas-Records and Comics

by Administrator 7. December 2015 12:46

“It’s the Holiday Season…”  We all know these words at this time of year from the famous holiday tune, our personal favorite is the the rendition by Andy Williams.  We happen to have a few of his Reissue 45’s!  All holiday songs aside, this is the time that a lot of people recognize they need to get started on holiday shopping.  What should I buy my husband?  What is a good gift for my son?  Do you have any holiday gift ideas?  Parker’s Records and Comics has gift solutions for all ages.

For collectors, a specific age, publisher or even specific comic would be desired.  As far as 45’s go, we often times see specific inquiries, but we know there could be a record that the person in your life may have forgotten about.  It would be great to bring back memories and surprise them with a blast from the past.  If you know some details about the collector in your life’s preferences, we are happy to help you generate ideas in store, via email or over the phone.

The great thing about gifts like these is that they are a far cry from a typical gift.  Something like a gift card isn’t very personal, and the recipient may feel like you got it at the last minute.  A record or comic is thoughtful, and can give someone something to read or listen to time and time again in the future.  They truly are gifts that keep giving!

As that holiday magic begins to fill the air and you are generating ideas for presents, remember Parker’s Records and Comics!  We hope to assist in making the holidays special this year for someone you love.+



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