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by Administrator 15. June 2015 08:05

When it comes to 45rpm Vinyl Records, Parkers Records and Comics is here to answer any question you may have.  Owner Don Parker has traveled across the country to find the best 45’s available.  From well preserved collections that owners have decided to let go, to dusty boxes at garage sales, Don has hunted down some of the most sought after 45’s available.

Over the years an unrivaled inventory has been built, and samples of most are available (over 30,000 samples!)  In the inventory you will find the artist, the track(s) on each side, the label, number, grade,  and type.  All of which lead up to the price, or how much it is worth.  The goal is to leave you without questions, but in the case you do have a question we are more than happy to answer it.

Some of the records that people often seek are northern soul records.  This style led to early disco, break dancing, and really created its own genre of dancing.  Then there are the funk 45’s that offer a complex rhythmic style.  These are just two of the many types of 45’s we keep in stock.

Should you find something you would like to purchase, you can order online!  Our stock is accessible as ever, so that you can add great sounds and value to your collection.


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