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by Administrator 8. May 2015 14:40

Those who know about Parkers Records and Comics know that we have one of the best collections in the world.  The foundation of our collection is the 45 rpm records that make up a lot of our inventory.  When thinking about 45’s Doo-Wop, Garage, or Novelty records may come to mind.  If that’s what came to your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that one of our recent spotlights for records was a doo-wop 45 by Bob Knight Four-“So So Long Good Goodby” / “You Tease Me” on Taurus 100.  We post these spotlights weekly, and we offer information on price, release dates, and conditions.  This one happens to be in mint condition, released in 1962, and it’s $60.00.

If you’re looking at a record, maybe you’re unsure about the sound quality, condition, or if it’s the item you had in mind.  With Parker's we give you complete accessibility to our collection with sound clips, and the ability to order online.  Everything you need is right here online.  Even if you decide to order online, we encourage you to visit our store right here in Cincinnati.  The in-store inventory is a site to see, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you stumbled upon a record or comic you’ve been looking for!  You can get a sneak peak tour of the store on our Google Plus page.

Parker’s is a rewarding business because we have collectible items to satisfy our customers, along with some that may bring back great memories!  We hope that you will come and check out our collection in its entirety.  If you’re looking online and have any questions, just give us a call!


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