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Bring History to Life With Novelty Records

Novelty records are more than just collector’s items. Most adults remember what record players looked like, cassette players, and monstrous CD players. You could drag your kids to the museum, repeatedly make sure they do not touch anything, and read small tidbits about music legends. However, you can explore history first-hand with Parkers RC.

Actually Exploring Music Legends Instead of a Trip to the Museum

There are more to novelty records than the music. You can help future generations experience what owning a record was like. Unlike semi-indestructible MP3 players with solid state drives that can be dropped, stepped on, go through the washing machine and still work, records are meant to be cherished. You can’t get the songs back on a cloud network after you drop a record, and you have to carefully play it every time. Keep history alive and well by experiencing music in a way that is difficult any other way.

Get Something Good in the Mail for a Change

Another piece of history that most adults remember is when good things actually came in the mail. Parkers RC will ship a new record to you, and you can actually look forward to getting the mail again. Show your children what it was like to order special items that aren’t for holiday gifts. Relive some of the most memorable music of all time the way it was first heard by thousands, on a record.

Boring Music History or an Exciting Hobby?

Music history can be lackluster at times, but where’s the fun in instantly downloading an MP3? Grow your existing record collection or start an exciting new hobby with novelty records. Get the records that meant something to you a few short decades ago, and keep your own history alive and kicking.

Order Records From Parkers RC Today


Call us at (513) 575-3665 for more information about our records. Make swing dancing sessions pop, or relax to sounds straight from the 1940s with our extensive collection of online records. 


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