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Safely Storing Your Old LPs and 45s

A vinyl record collection is something to be treasured. Those old sounds you remember will stay fresh and clear if you take the time to learn how to store your records correctly.

Improper Storage Can Damage Records

Many vintage vinyl records and 45s were not created with longevity in mind; record manufacturers were able to produce cheap products by skimping on vinyl weight and paper quality. This results in an item that is prone to warping and splitting.

Warping and splitting is caused by excessive heat and pressure applied over a long period of time, though different types of heat and pressure affect the vinyl and paper differently. The lightweight album cover is the record’s primary protection; protecting this outer layer should be your first concern.

Standard Storage Considerations

There are three basic considerations to keep in mind when storing vinyl records. These include:

·         Use place storage sleeves

·         Replace missing paper inner sleeves

·         Store records vertically

Place a clear, acid-free plastic sleeve over the album cover. Most of these are designed for standard, single record covers though it is possible to find sleeves made for gatefold albums or two-disc sets. This will protect the paper from rubbing and scuffs. It will also help the paper resist moisture, which can potentially cause the paper to stick to the vinyl’s surface. This can damage the delicate grooves and diminish the sound quality.

Inner paper sleeves protect the record’s surface from dust and grit. If the original sleeve is missing or damaged, replacement ones can be purchased for just a few cents apiece.

Finally, make sure that your vinyl records are stored vertically, just like a row of books. You can use bookends with a broad, solid surface to prevent the row from tipping over. Storing your records at a slant should be avoided since this can cause the vinyl to warp.

Building a Collection to Enjoy Forever


Storing your records correctly is easy and will ensure that your collection stays in great shape. When you are ready to build your collection, just browse through our great selection!


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