Oldest Comic Book in History Dates Back to Scotland

by Administrator 13. September 2013 18:39

Oldest Comic Book in History Dates Back to Scotland

Have you ever wondered what the very first comic book in the world was? New research says it came from Scotland – and it was published a whopping 188 years ago, in 1825.

Named the Glasgow Looking Glass, this old comic book was largely a satiric piece of work that focused on political and social norms of Scotland in the 1820s. After only five issues, its name changed to the Northern Looking Glass, and better reflected the national events and issues in Scotland at the time.

The Northern Looking Glass is often compared to Punch Magazine, which was a British comic book style weekly that came out in 1841. It’s been said that historically, Punch Magazine is the most influential thing to come out of the 1840s and 1850s.

Earliest Known Comic Book in the US

While some may claim that the oldest comic in the US is Archie or Superman, it really wasn’t. The oldest comic book in the United States dates back to 1842, and it was called The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck. The crazy thing about this particular publication was that it was originally published in Europe, in several different languages. A year after running issues in Europe, it was picked up by a press in New York and then distributed. The original comic was done by Rudolphe Töpffer in Switzerland.

Comics from the 1800s often didn’t have speech balloons – instead, they consisted of thought-provoking, story-telling drawings and lines of text underneath the pictures to describe the story.

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