A Few Sympathy 45s to Get You Through July

by Administrator 17. July 2019 12:09

We’ve got a nice mix of themes for you this month, but if you are having relationship troubles or have in the past, you should check out July’s list of 45s. We will start you out with a seductive RnB track from Now and end the list with a few breakup songs from Sonny Oceans and the New Bloods.

Now: Girl You Sure Turn Me On (Pt. 1) / Pt. 2


Label: Fee 303. Released in 1974

A Side: Girl You Sure Turn Me On (Part 1)

B Side: Part 2

If you haven’t noticed, we are getting a little steamy this week with Now’s “Girl You Sure Turn Me On”. The mood only seems appropriate considering how hot it has been here in the Midwest. The track even incorporates the world’s sexiest instrument: the saxophone. This song really brings it all together in every way. The backbeat of the drums, smooth vocals, saxophone solos, and a groovy bassline make this song worth listening to.

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Sonny Oceans: Pity Me / I’m Her Lover Man

Label: Columbia 43422. Released in 1974.

A Side: Pity Me

B Side: I’m Her Lover Man

The second 45 for the month of July comes from Sonny Oceans. Both the A and B side will reel you in with their catchy, simplistic guitar intros. With every relationship breakup comes pity. Whether this is self-pity or sympathy from others, it’s typically expected, and most times rightfully so! If you are someone that likes to keep to themselves, perhaps Sonny Oceans can be your companion during a difficult breakup. You can purchase this spinning sympathizer by using the link below!

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New Bloods: Self Service / Found a Love, Where It’s At

Label: 20th Century Fox 554. Released in 1964.

A Side: Self Service

B Side: Found a Love, Where It’s At

Lyrically, we are ending this week on a somber note, but the A side of this 45 emits an uplifting vibe that makes everything seem okay. Sometimes feeling sad can be a good thing and that is my interpretation of this track. In times when no one else is around to support you, take some time and serve yourself! After all, we can’t make others happy until we are able to find contentment within our own lives.

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3 Soul Groups You Need to Know About This Summer

by Administrator 19. June 2019 09:43

Our picks for June have a little something for everyone. This list of tracks compiles everything I think of when I think about good soul music – tight drums, groovy bass lines, vocal melodies, and harmonies form both male and female vocalists. Let us know what your favorite tracks are in the comments below!

Persians: Get A Hold of Yourself / Steady Kind

Label: Pagent 601. Released in 1963

Label Owners: Harry Chipits, Bernie Lower, Kal Mann. 140 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA.

A Side: Get A Hold of Yourself

B Side: Steady Kind

The A side of this 45 is somewhat reminiscent of the classic R&B tune “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Considering the hit from 1967 is one of my favorite tunes, the 1963 recording, “Get A Hold of Yourself”, immediately caught my attention. The track has a similar repetitive rhythm with a slightly eerie feel to it.  The B side, “Steady Kind”, incorporates a vocal melody and rhythm that isn’t so steady. The syncopated rhythm of the drums will get your feet moving back and forth.

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Prime Ministers: I Don’t Know No More / Make-Up


Label: RCA 9170 Promotional Copy. Released in 1968. 1950-2015.

A Side: I Don’t Know No More

B Side: Make-Up

Wow, the Prime Ministers know how to shuffle. The drums on “I Don’t Know No More” incorporate an unusually quick hi hat pattern that is irresistible. The track also has multiple singers covering a wide range of high and low vocal melodies. Flip the 45 over, and get ready to groove with “Make-Up”. I’ve always loved a groovy bass line and this song is everything I have ever wanted to hear from the bass guitar.  

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Partnership: Not for the Love nor Money / Baby, If I Had You

Label: MGM 13854. Promotional copy. Released in 1967. 1950-1980.

A Side: Not for the Love nor Money

B Side: Baby, If I Had You

The Partnership’s “Not for the Love nor Money” is played at an impressively quick tempo. I am most impressed by the group’s ability to still keep the vocals right in the pocket of the rest of the instruments. “Baby, If I Had You” is the perfect song to play for that special someone you want to call yours.

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Love Lessons for May

by Administrator 13. May 2019 12:29

Perhaps it is because Mother's Day just happened, but there always seems to be love in the air during the month of May. This month's 45s talk about the ups, downs, and difficulties of understanding love. If you are in need of some extra TLC, put on any one of these 45s.

Alex Brown: I'm in Love / What Would You Do without Someone to Love

Label: TRC 1001 (1969)

Label Owner: Ray Charles. 2107 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 1962-1973.

A Side: I'm in Love

B Side: What Would You Do without Someone to Love

Soul singer, Alex Brown, sings about two different perspectives on love with this 45. The A side, “I’m in Love,” discusses all of the warm and fuzzy feelings love creates. The B side, “What Would You Do without Someone to Love,” explains how it might feel if you didn’t have someone to love. This song really makes me think about all of the important little things love has to offer that often get taken for granted. Both sides of this 45 express positivity and the power of love. The catch phrase “What Would You Do without Love” is executed and delivered perfectly. The way in which the drums, bass, and vocal melody bounce and syncopate makes for a super catchy chorus.

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Johhny Barnes: It Must Be Love / 'same'

Label: Cap City 122 (1967). Washington, D.C. 1967-1968

A Side: It Must Be Love

B Side: 'same'

When we fall in love for the first time it often feels unfamiliar. Johnny Barnes sings about these unfamiliar feelings in “It Must Be Love.” A line in the song that particularly stands out is when he reminisces on how his mother used to tell him what love feels like. Musically speaking, the A side of this 45 incorporates a push and pull effect. It feels like the pre-chorus is going to lead into a chorus, but then the song releases and drops back into another verse. 

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Carolyn Byrd: Give Him Your Everything / Good-Bye the One

Label: Lionel 3221 (1971)

Label Owner: MGM Records. 7165 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA. 1970-1972

A Side: Give Him Your Everything

B Side: Good-Bye the One

The love story continues with Carolyn Byrd’s 45. “Give Him Your Everything” is pretty self-explanatory, but it really drives a good message home. If two people are committed to one another, they should be giving each other their all. If there is an imbalance on one side of a relationship, it will likely fail. “Good-Bye the One” discusses getting out of an unhealthy relationship and chasing happiness instead. For any drummers reading this blog post, both sides of this 45 include excellent drum fills, grooves, and auxiliary percussion.

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Love 45s Touching All Ends of the Spectrum

by Administrator 12. April 2019 15:44

April’s compilation of soul and funk 45s includes an eclectic group of records discussing topics on both ends of the love spectrum. Starting out, we have a love ballad sung by Eddie McLoyd, followed by a track from female vocalist Rosalind Madison, and ending the list with Johnny Moore.

Eddie McLoyd: Once You Fall in Love / Same


Label: Dakar 4547. (1975)

Label Owner: Carl Davis and Nat Tarnopol. 1449 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL. 1967-1977

A Side: Once You Fall in Love

B Side: Same

This month we start off with Eddie McLoyd’s biggest hit to date, “Once You Fall in Love.” Eddie is a bit of a renaissance man – having many talents and achievements over the course of his career including music, television, and outdoor hobbies according to his website. This 45 discusses how much influence love has on our life decisions, emotions, and overall happiness.  

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Rosalind Madison: Fancy / Use What You’ve Got



Label: Silver Fox 20. (1970)

Label Owners: Lelan Rogers and Shelby Sumpter Singleton. Nashville, TN. 1969-1970.

A Side: Fancy

B Side: Use What You Got

“Here’s your one chance Fancy.” Rosalind Madison resembles what some might consider a sugar baby on the A side of this 45. A young girl and her mother are hardly getting by and so the daughter is out looking for someone that can help support them. Listen to the track available below to see how the story ends. There’s definitely a bit of materialism and greed throughout the A side of this 45, but Rosalind sure has an impressive flow with her lyrics.

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Johnny Moore: Haven’t I Been Good to You / A Dollar Ninety-Eight


Label: Wand 1165. (1967)

Label Owners: Florence Greenberg. 1674 Broadway, New York, NY. 1650 Broadway, New York, NY. 254 West 54th St. New York, NY. 1959-1976.

A Side: Haven’t I Been Good to You        

B Side: A Dollar Ninety-Eight

The final 45 for the month of April talks about the complications and challenges many people face during relationships. The narrator is feeling the pressure from his significant other and the driving chorus compliments this rising pressure felt by the narrator. You can expect to hear some classic funk rhythm guitar, impressive vocal harmonies, and groovy drum and bass from the A side of this record.

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Spring Weather and Good 45 Records, There's Nothing Better

by Administrator 13. March 2019 15:37

March is here and that means spring weather is just around the corner. Open up your windows, feel the cool breeze, and let the blooming spring flowers tickle your nose all while listening to this month’s compilation of records. This month, Parker’s Records introduces you to soul artists Buddy & Stacy, Cody Black, and Bobby Breen.

Buddy & Stacy: Angel / A Thing Called Jealousy


Label: Twirl 2018 (Released 1965).

Label Owner: Harry Balk, 20 W. Alexandrine, Detroit, MI. & 850 Seventh Ave, New York, NY (1959-1966).

A Side: Angel

B Side: A Thing Called Jealousy

Woo! This 45 grooves. Buddy & Stacy and their backing band know how to funk, swing, and get your hips moving. Buddy & Stacy were true entertainers and worth taking some time to watch a video or two. You may be surprised they were allowed on national television during the ‘60s with their provocative dance moves.

Fun Fact: Jimi Hendrix was the backing guitarist for Buddy & Stacy for a short period of time. If you perform a Google search for Buddy & Stacy a video of Jimi playing with them will likely pop up.

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Cody Black: Ain’t No Love Like Your Love / Stop Trying to Do What You See Your Neighbor Do


Label: Capital 2858 (Released 1970)

ASide: Ain’t No Love Like Your Love

B Side: Stop Trying to Do What You See Your Neighbor Do

This 45 is irresistible. Ain’t No Love Like Your Love is a true piece of art. The opening piano rift is one of the catchiest syncopated chord progressions my ears have ever heard and the song stays driving with its tight shuffle groove.  Flip the record over and you’ll find another delightful tune. For any piano enthusiasts reading our blog, this is a must have 45. 

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Bobby Breen: Better Late than Never / How Can We Tell Him


Label: Motown 1053. (Released 1964)

Label Owner: Berry Gordy Jr. West Grand Blvd. Detroit, MI. 2547 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI. 6464 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA

A Side: Better Late than Never 

B Side: How Can We Tell Him

Bobby Breen slows it down for us during this month’s list of our favorite 45’s. Breen began his career in the Canadian entertainment industry at a young age singing and acting in various movies including Hawaii Calls and Rainbow on the River. His voice is one of a kind and worth a listen.

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Love Records for February

by Administrator 12. February 2019 12:05

Valentine’s Day: the holiday with a reputation more divided than our current political parties. For those lucky enough to have found love, February can be a great opportunity to go all-out on the sappy dates and romantic gestures. On the other hand, February is also the month many of us are reminded we are still single and should maybe put some effort into finding that perfect person. Whatever your relationship status may be, you are guaranteed to find something enjoyable from this month’s track list!


Daydreams: (Just to Keep up on) The Lovin’ Side / Part of Your Love



Label: Dial 4029 (1966).

Label Owner: Buddy Killen, Nashville, TN (1961-1979).

A Side: (Just to Keep up on) The Lovin’ Side

B Side: Part of Your Love

February creates a sense of urgency in our dating lives. Take a look at the significant increase in consumers using mobile dating apps during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day if you don’t believe me. The A side of this record sings about the crazy and irrational things we sometimes do to find love. Sometimes we may even get a bit jealous, like when we see our 5th grade crush on Facebook celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone else. The B Side, “Part of Your Love,” touches on this theme. 

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Daylighters: For My Baby / Sweeter


Label: Tip Top 2010. Released in 1965.

Label Owners: Charles Colbert Sr. & Charles Colbert Jr. 8956 South Wallace, Chicago, IL. (1962-1967)

A Side: For My Baby

B Side: Sweeter

Who doesn’t like a good shuffle? For My Baby is guaranteed to get your hips moving. February is a great time to remind your special someone how much they are appreciated and loved. If you are spending Valentine’s Day alone this year give yourself some extra love and appreciation instead. A little reassurance can go a long way and if you need some help communicating your feelings, the Daylighters’ “Sweeter” might give you a few ideas. 

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Malcolm Dodds: All for the Love of a Woman / Come on Home


Label: MGM 12975. Released in 1960. (1950-1980)

A Side: All for the Love of a Woman

B Side: Come on Home

We go to great lengths for the people we love and Malcolm really hits the nail on the head with the A Side of this vinyl. Dodds’ catchy melody, repetitive chorus, and periodic rhythmic breaks make this song worth listening to. You’ll have to visit our store or purchase the vinyl to hear Side B!

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Cozy up with These January Spinners

by Administrator 31. January 2019 11:18

This month we decided to take you on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. January tends to be the month people stay inside, spend more time by themselves, and reflect on their current relationship status. Check out this month’s tracks if you can relate or just want to learn some new music!


Tommy Butler: Move on Stay Gone/ Too Young

Label: Chattahoochee 704 (1966). Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (1961-1966).

A Side: Move on Stay Gone

B Side: Too Young

You will sympathize and likely relate to Tommy while listening to “Move on and Stay Gone.” The vocal melody sustains and drags on during the verses, reflecting the struggle the narrator endures while chasing his great white buffalo. Longing for a particular someone but never being able to call them yours is something many of us have experienced. At some point, we have to move on, stay gone, and find someone worth our time.  Come to our store to listen to Side B or you can order the record online!

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Bobby Day: Spicks and Specks/ So Lonely (Since You’ve been Gone)

Label: Sure-Shot 5036 (1966). Label Owner: Don D. Robey. 2809 Erastus St, Houston, TX (1963-1967.)

A Side: So Lonely (Since You’ve been Gone)

B Side: Spicks and Specks

If you’ve ever wanted to let the world know you are feeling lonely, you should give Bobby Day a listen. Day’s shouting and the song’s driving bass line might be the kind of energy you need to get through this winter season. Spicks and Specks continues this month’s theme with Bobby singing about all of the women and memories he has left behind. 

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Burke Family: Under the Spell/ Look of Love 

Label: Cobblestone 701 (1968). 1650 Broadway, New York, NY & 610 Seventh Ave. New York, NY (1968-1972).

A Side: Under the Spell

B Side: Look of Love (Island)

This record leaves us feeling warm and optimistic- a resolution to our search for love if you will. The A Side, Under the Spell, discusses the narrator’s admiration for a particular someone and on side B the Burke Family helps the narrator groove his way into finding love. 

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Christmas 45's To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

by Administrator 20. December 2018 09:34

Ahhhh, the holiday season. Everyone seems to be a little bit happier, we’re hopeful it snows, and we get to listen to our favorite Christmas tunes.

Do you ever turn on the radio and feel like you’re hearing the same ol’ songs? Us too. That’s why we’ve pulled out some of our less-commercial favorites to spin this year.


Little Jimmy Thomas-Deck the Halls (Fa La La La La)/Jimmy’s Christmas

 Little Jimmy Thomas Christmas 45

Label Owners: Shad O’Shay (?). Cincinnati, Ohio (3 records on official label, all released in 1964)

A Side: Deck the Halls (Fa La La La La)

B Side: Jimmy’s Christmas

The funky deck the halls track is fit for any holiday gathering. It makes you want to get up and dance, to fully enjoy the holiday season. It’s a unique take on the song. On side B, you’ll have to order the record to listen! You won’t find any sound clips online.

Sound Clip (deck the halls) and Order Information


Poets-Merry Christmas Baby/I’m Stuck On You

 Poets-Christmas 45

Label Owners: George Goldner, Jerry Leiber & Mike Stroller. New York, NY. 1964-1967

A Side: Merry Christmas Baby

B Side: I’m Stuck On You

Slightly upbeat, soulful, joyous, loving. This record has everything you want in a couple of Christmas songs. Sit back and enjoy!

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Arlington Sylvester-A Christmas Carol/Crescent Legacy-I’m Gonna Miss You

 Arlington Sylvester and Crescent Legacy Christmas 45

Label: 1432 N. Broad St, New Orleans, LA (Just 2 records released on Brou-Larch Inds. Label. Both in 1972 according to 45cat.com)

A Side: Arlington Sylvester-Merry Christmas Baby

B Side: Crescent Legacy-I’m Gonna Miss You

Not all Christmas songs need to be booming with joy. A Christmas Carol makes gives a bit of a somber and reflective feeling. On the other hand, I’m gonna Miss You is funky and enjoyable to listen to. The subject matter however, offers a hint of sadness.

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Whether you’re listening to 45’s, or the commercial classics, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s from us to you. We truly appreciate you taking the time to read, and listen with us. We hope that 2019 brings you health and happiness, and more music! Thank you!


Love and Desire 45's

by Administrator 14. November 2018 11:55

As fall comes to an end and we enter the winter months, it’s good to have a special someone to push through the cold with. These 45’s cover that feeling of want, or even need. Everyone needs to be loved! 2 out of our 3 records this month were on labels that only released 3 records, giving them some rarity. Enjoy!

Barbara Perry-Unlovable/Say You Need It

 Barbara Perry-Unlovable/Say You Need It

Owners: Quinton M. Claunch & Rudolph “Doc” Russell. 2445 Chelsea Ave, Memphis, TN. (1963-1970’s.)

A Side: Unlovable

B Side: Say You Need It

Two great songs! The A side is a bit slower, while Say You Need It delivers a groovy baseline that will have you dancing through the holiday season. When a love is so good, you might just absolutely need it. Barbara conveys this, and the fact that even people tough to love are worth loving, on this 45.

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Persians-I Can’t Take It Anymore/Detour-GWP’s Grapevine 201. Released in 1969.

 Persians-I Can't Take It Anymore/Detour

Owners: New York, N.Y. Only 3 records released on this label. 1969.

A Side: I Can’t Take It Anymore

B Side: Detour

You can count on The Persians to deliver some soul. Love has ups and downs, and sometimes it pushes us to our breaking points. If you’re feeling like that, you’ll enjoy the A side of this record. Flip to Side B, and the trials and tribulations of dating, or pursuing someone you think could be match. Sometimes you’ll do whatever it takes, even a round-about detour.

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Harriet Reeves-Just Friends/Come To Me-Eon 103. Released in 1961.

Harriet Reeves-Just Friends/Come To Me

Owners: New Orleans, LA. Only 3 records released on this label. 1961.

A Side: Just Friends

B Side: Come to Me

This record is so rare, you won’t be able to find anywhere to listen online! Fortunately, we have sound clips on most of our records. Listen, and order online!

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After checking out all of these songs, order online! We recommend taking down the number, as you’ll need it in the form! Thanks for shopping with Parker’s Records and Comics! You can explore all of our 45's, here.


Upbeat Soul Love Song 45's

by Administrator 11. October 2018 11:28

This set of 45’s from the mid to late 1960’s is a doozy! Who doesn’t love a good love song? These records discuss crushes, feelings, and love in general.


Gambrells-I’m In Love For The First Time/Love Is In The Air-Cub 9156 (Promo). Released 1968

 Gambrells In Love For The irst Time and Love is In The Air Cub Record

Label Owner: Arnold Maxin. Loew’s Inc. 1650 Broadway, New York, N.Y. (1958-1968)

A Side: I’m In Love For The First Time

B Side: Love Is In The Air

The Gambrells are in love and they want everyone to know! The first of the two songs captures the feeling of falling in love, and how wonderful that is. The second dives deeper into this feeling, and all of the emotions that swirl when you’re at the start of something special.

Listen to Sound Clips


Girls Three-That’s How It Is/Baby, I Want You-Chess 1958. Released 1966.

 Girls Three That's How It Is and Baby I Want You Chess Record

Label Owners: Len & Phil Chess. 5429 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL. 320 East Twenty-First St, Chicago, IL (1950-1976)

A Side: That’s How It Is

B Side: Baby, I Want You

When you fall in love, it’s a unique feeling. The Girls Three (Jess, Dot and Me) describe the ways love can make you feel in the first record. In the second, the girls have a crush! When you have a crush, it’s hard not to think about that person and everything admirable they do. That’s conveyed in this song.

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Gypsies-Jerk It/Diamonds Rubies Gold and Fame-Old Town 1180. Released 1965.

 Gypsies Jerk It and Diamonds Rubies Gold and Fame Old Town Record

Label Owners: Hy Weiss & Sam Weiss. 165 East 125th St. New York, N.Y., 701 Seventh Ave, New York, N.Y., 1697 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 767 Tenth Ave. New York, N.Y. (1953-1978)

A Side: Jerk It

B Side: Diamonds Rubies Gold and Fame

The gypsies, later known as The Flirtations, deliver on two upbeat songs. Jerk It is somewhat of a dance, very upbeat and fun. The other song Insinuates rich boys, that provide some of the finer things may be for the Gypsie’s!

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