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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
Sarde, Philippe (Soundtrack) (1981) TessMCA5193Mint (Promo Stamp O/Front. Cv.)MintS$15.001
Sarde, Philippe (Soundtrack) (1981) Ghost StoryMCA5287Mint- (Promo Stamp O/Front. Cv.)MintS$10.001
Schifrin, Lalo (1966)(Soundtrack) Liquidator (B. Peak art cv.)MGM4413VG+ (C.O.)MintS$20.001
Schifrin, Lalo (1967) T.V. (Soundtrack) Mission Impossible Vol. 1Dot25831Mint-MintS$35.001
Schifrin, Lalo (1968) (Soundtrack) FoxW.B.1738VGMintS$20.001
Schifrin, Lalo (Soundtrack) (1967) Murderers RowColgems5003VGMint-S$75.001
Schifrin, Lalo (Soundtrack) (1969) (T.V.) Mission Impossible "More"Paramount5002VGMint/VG++S$20.001
Schifrin, Lalo (Soundtrack) (1970) Kelly`s Heroes (Jack Davis Art Cv.)MGM23VG+MintS$20.001
Schifrin, Lalo (Soundtrack) (1979) Boulevard NightsW.B.3328VG++ (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)MintS$8.001
Schifrin, Lalo (Soundtrack) (1983) Sting IIMCA6116Mint (Promo Stamp O/Front. Cv.)MintS$12.001
Schmidt, Harvey (1963) (Soundtrack) 110 In The ShadeRCA1085VG+MintM$25.001
Schwartz, Arthur (1954) Original Cast (Soundtrack) By The Beautiful SeaCapitol531Poor (Right Bottom Corner 1"x1" Missing)MintM$30.001
Scott, John (1984) (Soundtrack) Greystoke - The Legend Of TarzanW.B.25120VG+ (Promo Stamp O/Cv.)MintS$10.001
Scott, Tim & Various (Original Soundtrack) (1987) Slam DanceIsland90662MintSealedS$10.001
Second Time, Gurus, 13th Power (Soundtrack) (1968) Wild In The StreetsTower5099VG++MintS$65.001
Sharkey (Pin-Up Cv.) Southern ComfortCapitol266Mint-MintM$20.001
Shaw Orch., Roland Themes From 007 The James Bond ThrillersLondon412VGMint-S$10.001
Shaw, Roland Themes For Secret Agents (Pin-Up Cv.)London4406VG++MintS$20.001
Shaw, Roland (Studio Track) Themes From The James Bond ThrillersLondon412VG+VG++S$10.001
Shaw, Roland (Soundtrack) (Studiotrack) (1965) Themes From James Bond Thrillers Vol. 3London514VG++MintS$20.001
Shearing Quintet, George (Pin-Up Cv,) Lain LaceCapitol1082Mint-MintM$8.001
Shire, David (Soundtrack) (1979) FastbreakMotown915MintSealedS$10.001
Silvers, Phil & Swinging Brass `same`Columbia1011VG++MintM$15.001
Simon, Joe & Others (1973) (Soundtrack) Cleopatra JonesW.B.2719Good (Torn Cv. & C.O.)Mint/VG++S$25.001
Simons, Ted (1968) Original Cast (Soundtrack) New Faces Of `68W.B. (Promo)2551VG (Promo Sticker On Cv.)MintM$20.001
Skinner, Frank (1961) (Soundtrack) Back StreetDecca9097GoodMintM$15.001
Sledge, Sister, Hendryx, Nona & Others (1988) (Soundtrack) Coming To AmericaAtco90958Mint- (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Small, Michael (Soundtrack) (1971) Sporting ClubBuddah95502Mint (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)MintS$20.001
Smith, Buffalo Bob & Howdy doody Be A VentriloquistHD (Promo)35VG++MintS$15.001
Sondheim, Stephan (Originasl Cast) (Soundtrack) FolliesCapitol751Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$12.001
Sound Effects (Car Cv.) Stock Car Demolition DerbyAudio Fidelity7034VG++MintS$20.001
Springfield, Rick (Soundtrack) (1984) Hard To HoldRCA4935MintSealedS$10.001
Stafford, Terry & Others (1969) (Soundtrack) Wild WheelsRCA1156VG (C.O.)(W.O.Cv.)Mint-/VG+S$15.001
Standells, Dave Clark Five, Animals & Others (1964) (Soundtrack) Get Yourself A College GirlMGM4273VG+ (Tape on Cv. & C.O.)MintM$20.001
Steiner, Max (1961) (Soundtrack) ParrishW.B. (Promo)1413VG+ (Promo Sticker On Front Cv.)MintM$25.001
Stereophonic Sound Effects (Pin-Up Cv.) Demonstration Of High Feielity Stereophonic SoundAudio Fidelity5890Good (Tape On Seams)VGM$4.001
Stevens, Connie & Others (1959) T.V. (Soundtrack) Hawaiian EyeW.B.1355VG++VG++M$20.001
Stevens, Connie & Others (1963) (Soundtrack) Palm Spring WeekendW.B.1519VG+ (C.O.)Mint-M$25.001
Stradivari Strings (Pin-Up Cv.)(Jayne Mansfield) String Along With MeSpin-O-Rama90Good (Split Seam Top)VG++/VG+M$10.001
Straus, Oscar (1958) Studio Cast (Soundtrack) (2 LP`s) Chocolate SoldierRCA6005VGMintM$12.001
Strawberry Alarm Clock, Sandpipers & Others (1970) (Soundtrack) Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls20th Century Fox4211VG+VG++S$135.001
Streisand, Barbara (1968) (Soundtrack) Funny GirlColumbia Masterworks (Grey Label)3220VG+Mint-S$10.001
Strummer, Joe & Others (Soundtrack) (1988) Permanent RecordEpic40879VG++MintS$10.001
Styne, Julie & Others (1958) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Say, DarlingRCA1045VG (Split Seam 3 Inch Top Right &3 Inch Bottom Middle)MintM$25.001
Summer, Donna, Diana Ross, Commodores & others (Soundtrack) (1978)(2 Lp`s)( w/bonus 12 iinch single) Thank God It`s FridayCasablanca7099Mint-SealedS$20.001
Tate, Grady & Others (1969) (Soundtrack) SlavesSkye11Mint-Mint-S$25.001
Taylor, Johnnie (1977) (Soundtrack) Disco 2000Columbia (Promo)35004VG (Promo Strip O/Cv. & W.O.Cv.)MintS$10.001
Temptations, Syretta, Billy Preston & Jermaine Jackson (Soundtrack) (1980) Loving CouplesMotown949MintSealedS$10.001
Theodorakis, Mikis (1962) (Soundtrack) PhaedraU.A.5102MintVG++S$10.001
Theodorakis, Mikis (1967) (Soundtrack) Day The Fish Came Out20th Century Fox4194VG++MintS$40.001