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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
Oldfield, Mike (Soundtrack) (1974) ExorcistW.B.2774VG+ (Promo Sticker O/cv.)MintS$15.001
Oldfield, Mike (Soundtrack) (1984) Killing FieldsVirgin2328MintSealedS$15.001
Ole Bue (1972) (Soundtrack) Baby MakerOde `7077002MintMintS$12.001
Oliviero, Nino (1964) (Soundtrack) Mondo Cane # 220th Century Fox3147Mint-Mint-M$30.001
Orbach, Jerry & Others (1960) Original Cast (Soundtrack) FantasticksMGM (White Gatefold)3872VG++MintS$10.001
Ortega, Frankie (1958) Studiotrack (Soundtrack) 77 Sunset StripJubilee1106VG+MintM$15.001
Ortolani, Riz (1963) (Soundtrack) Mondo CaneU.A.5105MintMintS$20.001
Ortolani, Riz (1963) (Soundtrack) Yello Rolls RoyceMGM4292VG+Mint-S$12.001
Ortolani, Riz (1969) (Soundtrack) Day Of AngerRCA1165VG (Sticker O/Cv.)MintS$18.001
Ortolani, Riz (1970) (Soundtrack) MadronQuad (Promo)5001VG++MintS$12.001
Osibisa (1973) (Soundtrack) Superfly T.N.T.Buddah5136VG+Mint-S$30.001
Parker Jr, Ray (Soundtrack) (1984) GhostbustersArista8266Mint- (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Parker, Alan (Soundtrack) (1978) Jaws 3-DMCA6124MintSealedS$15.001
Parton, Dolly (Soundtrack) (1980) 9 To 520th Century Fox627Mint-SealedS$10.001
Peebles, Marvin Van (1971) (Soundtrack) Sweet Sweetback`s Baadasssss SongStax3001VG+VG++/MintS$50.001
Peebles, Marvin Van (1971) (Soundtrack) (2Lp`s) Don`t Play Up CheapStax3006Mint (C.O.)Mint/Mint- (Promo Stamp O/L)S$50.001
Phillips, Stu (1962) (Soundtrack) InternsColpix427MintMint-M$30.001
Picardy Singers & Others (1968) (Soundtrack) How Sweet It IsRCA4037MintSealedS$18.001
Piccioni, Piero (1965) (Soundtrack) Moment Of TruthMainstream56057MintMint-M$12.001
Piccioni, Piero & Roger Williams (1967) (Soundtrack) More Than A MiracleMGM (Promo)4515VG+MintM$15.001
Pieces Of A Dream (1988) (Soundtrack) School DazeManhattan48680Mint-MintS$10.001
Pineapple, Johnny FreshPickwick3504Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$10.001
Pitts Orch., Clay (1970) (Soundtrack) Female AnimalCanyon7702MintSealedS$75.001
Pockriss (1960) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Ernest In LoveColumbia Masterworks2027Good (Tape Seam Top & Bottom)Mint-S$50.001
Pointer Sisters, Sister Sledge, Skyy, Vanity & others (Soundtrack) (1988) Action JacksonLorimar90886Mint-MintS$12.001
Porter, Cole (1948) (Soundtrack) Kiss Me KateColumbia Masterworks (Green)4140VGMint-M$15.001
Post, Mike (1982) T.V. (Soundtrack) Television Theme SongsElektra60028Mint- (C.O.)SealedS$15.001
Pottle, Sam (1965) Mad ShowColumbia (Promo)6530VG+ (Split Seam 3 Inch Top Middle)VG++M$30.001
Powell, Andrew (1985) (Soundtrack) LadyhawkeAtlantic81248Mint-Mint-S$8.001
Presley, Elvis (1958) (Soundtrack) King Creole (Flexible Vinyl)RCA (Orange Label)1884VG+MintS$35.001
Presley, Elvis (1963) (Soundtrack) It Happened At The World`s FairRCA2697VG+VG+M$75.001
Presley, Elvis (1963) (Soundtrack) G.I. BluesRCA2256VG++VG++/MintM$75.001
Presley, Elvis (1963)(Soundtrack) Fun In AcapulcoRCA2756VG+MintS$100.001
Presley, Elvis (1964)(Monaural)(Soundtrack) King CreoleRCA1884Mint-MintM$100.001
Presley, Elvis (Soundtrack) (1966) Frankie & JohnnyRCA3553VG++ (Stamp O/Back Cv.)Mint-M$60.001
Presley, Elvis (1977) T.V. (Soundtrack)(2 Lp`s) Elvis In ConcertRCA2587VG++MintS$25.001
Pretenders, Suzi Quatro, Talking Heads, Cure & others (Soundtrack) (1980) (2 Lp`s) Times SquareRSO4203MintSealedS$15.001
Pretenders, Talking Heads, Van Morrison & Others) (Soundtrack) (1983) The King Of ComedyW.B.23765VG++ (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Previn, Andre (1960) (Soundtrack) SubterraneansMGM3812Mint-Mint-M$40.001
Previn, Andre (1960) (Soundtrack) Elmer GantryU.A.4069VGMintM$40.001
Previn, Andre (1962) (Soundtrack) 4 Horsemen Of The ApocalypseMGM3993VG+ (Sticker O/L)(C.O.)MintM$20.001
Previn, Andre (1962) (Soundtrack) Two For The See SawU.A.4103VG+MintM$12.001
Previn, Andre (1965) (Soundtrack) Inside Daisy CloverW.B.1616VG++ (C.O.)MintS$20.001
Price, Vincent (Spoken Word) America The Beautiful-The Heart Of America In PoetryColumbia5668VG+Mint/VG++ (Promo Sticker O/L)M$10.001
Pride, Charlie (Soundtrack) (1973) Tom SawyerU.A,057Mint-SealedS$20.001