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 TitleLabelLabel NumberCover GradeRec. GradeMono StereoPriceQty
MacDermont, Galt - Original Cast (Soundtrack) (1967) HairRCA1150VGMintS$10.001
Mahal, Taj (1972) (Soundtrack) SounderColumbia Masterworks31944MintMintS$18.001
Mancini, Henry More Music From Peter GunnRCA2040VG+Mint-S$20.001
Mancini, Henry (1958) T.V. (Soundtrack) Peter GunnRCA2040VG++MintS$18.001
Mancini, Henry (1962) (Soundtrack) Experiment In Terror (Lee Remick Being Attack From Behind Cv)RCA2442VG+ (Split Seam Top Right 4 Inch)Mint-/VG++S$50.001
Mancini, Henry (1962) (Soundtrack) Hatari!RCA2559VG++MintM$20.001
Mancini, Henry (1967) (Soundtrack) Two For The RoadRCA3802MintMintM$15.001
Mancini, Henry (1967) (Soundtrack) Gunn...Number OneRCA3840VG++ (Cv # LPM)VG++ (Label # LSP)S$15.001
Mancini, Henry (1970) (Soundtrack) SunflowerAvco Embassy11001VGMint-S$12.001
Mancini, Henry (1973) (Soundtrack) Thief Who Came To DinnerW.B. (Promo)2700Mint (Promo Sticker O/Cv.)MintS$15.001
Mancini, Henry (No Date) T.V.Studiotrack (Soundtrack) Peter GunnLion70112VGMintM$10.001
Mancini, Henry & Others (Soundtrack) (1980) That`s DancingEMI America17149VG++MintS$10.001
Mancini, Henry (Soundtrack) (1964) Pink PantherRCA2795VGMintS$20.001
Mancini, Henry (Soundtrack) (1970) SunflowerAvco0-11001MintSealedS$15.001
Mancini, Henry (Soundtrack) (1976) W.C. Fields And MeMCA (England Import)7608MintSealedS$15.001
Mancini, Henry (Soundtrack) (1979) 10W.B.3399MintSealedS$10.001
Mandel, Johnny (1958) (Soundtrack) I Want To LiveU.A.4005VG (4 inch Split Seam Top)VG++/MintM$15.001
Mandel, Johnny (1964) (Soundtrack) Americanization Of EmilyReprise (Promo)6151VG+MintM$10.001
Mandel, Johnny (1965) (Soundtrack) SandpiperMercury (Promo)21032VG (W.O.Cv.)MintM$10.001
Mangione, Gap (1974) She And I (Pin-Up Cv.)A&M (Promo)3407Mint- (C.O.)MintS$10.001
Mann Singers, Johnny Beatle BalladsLiberty3391MintMintM$25.001
Mann, Barry, ELO (Soundtrack) (1977) JoyrideU.A.784MintSealedS$15.001
Marcus, Wade (Soundtrack) (1980) Final CountdownCasablanca7232Mint (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)MintS$30.001
Martin, George & Paul & Linda McCartney (Soundtrack) (1973) Live And Let DieU.A.100VgMintS$10.001
Martin, Mary (1954) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Peter Pan (Standing Cv.)RCA1019VG++ (Split Seam 2 Inch Top Right)Mint-M$25.001
Martin, Mary (1954) Original Cast (Soundtrack) Peter Pan ( Flying Cv.)RCALOC 1019VGMint-M$25.001
Mason, Dave, Earth,Wind & Fire, Emotions Jacksons & others (Soundtrack) (1980) Skatetown U.S.A.Columbia36292MintSealedS$10.001
Masser, Michael (Soundtrack) (1977) Greatest (Muhammad Ali)Arista7000MintSealedS$12.001
Mathieson, Muir (1966) (Soundtrack) KeyColumbia1185Mint-MintM$75.001
Mayfield, Curtis (1977) (Soundtrack) Short EyesCurtom5017VG+ (Tape on Cv.)MintS$25.001
Mayuzumi, Toshiro (1966) (Soundtrack) Bible (No Booklet)20th Century Fox4184VG+ (C.O.)Mint-M$12.001
McDonald, Country Joe (1970) (Soundtrack) Quiet Days In ClichyVanguard79303VG++SealedS$12.001
McHugh, Hugh & Pete Rugolo (1960) (Soundtrack) Jack The RipperRCA2199VG (Split Seam 5 Inch Top Right & 2 Inch Bottom Middle)VG++S$25.001
McIntosh, Tom (1978) (Soundtrack) A Hero Ain`t Nothin` But A SandwichColumbia35046VG++ (Promo Strip O/Cv.)Mint-S$10.001
Medley, Bill & Others (1971) (Soundtrack) Hard RideParamount6005MintSealedS$25.001
Medley, Bill, Eric Burton & War & Others (1970) (Soundtrack) Magic Garden Of Stanley SweetheartMGM (Promo)20VG+ (Sticker O/Cv & Promo Sticker O/Back Cv.)MintS$12.001
Mendes, Sergio (Soundtrack) (1977) PeleAtlantic18231VG++ (C.O.)MintS$15.001
Mercury, Freddie, Pat Bentar, Adfam Ant & others. (Soundtrack) (1984) MetropolisColumbia39526Mint- (Promo Stamp O/Bk. Cv.)MintS$12.001
MGM Studio Orch. (1939) (Soundtrack) Wizard Of OzMGM (Black Label)3464VG++ (Yellow Cv.)MintM$50.001
MGM Studio Orch. (1939) (Soundtrack) Wizard Of OzMGM3996VG+ (Gatefold Cv w/Drawings On Front)MintS$15.001
MGM Studio Orch. (1939) (Soundtrack) Wizard Of Oz (T.V. Mail Offer)MGM104MintSealedM$25.001
Milburn, Ellsworth (1964) Original Cast (Soundtrack) CommitteeReprise (Promo)2023VG+ (Split Seam 1 Inch Middle Spine)MintM$20.001
Miler, Roger (1985) (Soundtrack) Big RiverMCA6147Mint- (W.O.Cv.)Mint-S$8.001
Miller, Mitch & Malcomb Arnold (1957) (Soundtrack) Bridge On The River KwaiColumbia1100VG+MintM$15.001
Modern Jazz Quartet (1958) (Soundtrack) No Sun In VeniceAtlantic1284Mint-VG++M$15.001
Monroe, Marilyn, Frankie Vaughn & Others (1960) (Soundtrack) Let`s Make LoveColumbia1527VG++ (Back Cv. Has Promo Stamp)Mint-/VG++M$30.001
Monroe, Matt (Pin-Up Cv.) From Russia With LoveLiberty (Promo)3356VG++VG++M$12.001
Montenegro, Hugo Come Spy With Me (Pin-Up Cv.)RCA3540VG++`Mint-/VG+S$15.001
Montenegro, Hugo (1965) T.V. (Soundtrack) Man From U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 2RCA3574MintMintS$45.001
Montenegro, Hugo (1965) T.V. (Soundtrack) Man From U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 1RCA3475VG+ (W.O.Cv.)Mint-S$60.001